Essential Truths & Christ Teachings
Essential Truths

1. True charity is love for the whole of humanity and God.

2. True humility is selflessness, devotion, obedience, sacrifice and service.

3. True devotion is the true heart prayer.

4. Many people are suffering strain, tension and stressful conditions of the
nerve system.  This can only be cured by soul relaxation through faith,
devotion (heart prayer), obedience, selflessness and service to God and the
common good.

5. True spiritual wisdom can ONLY be attained by selflessness, sacrifice and

6. The first requirement of true occultism on the art of spiritual living is
selflessness, detachment, devotion, obedience, honesty and sincerity.

7. There is essential unity in everything in existence from the tiniest insect to
the highest spiritual deity.

8. The greatest weapons for truth seekers are the power of pure heart of
wisdom, devotion, obedience, selflessness, no fear and never giving up.

9. The only way to attain spiritual power is through selflessness, sacrifice,
pure heart and mind, love for all, service, sharing, etc. along with the study
and practice of true spiritual teachings.

10. True higher aspiration is true worship.

11. Only through selflessness are we able to enter and walk the path of light,
love and power.

12. Faith is one of the most potent spiritual energy or Inner Knowing or

13. The highest power is only attainable by renunciation.

14. The sure way to achieve is to give up even the desire to achieve.

15. Growth can only be achieved through suffering, especially spiritual growth.

16. True Spirituality is Selfless Unity.

17. Only through the union of the mind and the heart (soul), we will achieve
the eternal abundant life.

18. Each and every disciple are placed according and are taking their part in
the coming final decisive Armageddon.

19. Karmic Retribution or Redemption will fall destructively upon selfish, evil
minded, willful, false spiritual teachers, gurus, religious leaders, etc.

20. Now at the end of the cycle, one of the most important is to achieve Christ
or Buddhi Principle within our hearts.

21. The creator is always beyond the creations and creatures.

22. Every person is a path on its way to return to God.
Christ (Lord Maitreya) Teachings

1. Those who are not with me are against me, especially at present time.

2. Where there are two or three people gather together in my name.  There
am I in the midst of them.

3. Jesus said, "Even those stones shall be raise to God to become one with the
father in heaven."

4. Christ said, "I come not for peace but to bring the sword of cleavage to
destroy all the wicked and restore the righteousness on earth."

The mighty powerful divine light and fire of Lord Maitreya (The Christ) will
destroy each and every obstacle, hindrance and unfit, and then uplift
humankind to higher consciousness.

To separate the sheeps and the goats.

Also, the sword of cleavage (Christ Energy) will test each and every person
whether we choose the selfless spiritual path or the selfish material path.  By
doing so, humanity is divided into two opposite groups, so the selfless spiritual
group will be able to enter New Earth and the selfish material group will be
left behind.

5. Jesus said, "ye may become son of light."  Light, love and life are ONE.

6. Each and every prayer should precede with Jesus' example, "not my will but
thine be done."