The Light Ones vs The Dark Ones
The Light Ones

Energy Nature
Positive (+) only achieved through harmony of both positive and negative
forces.  Self existing independently meaning not bound to either poles
(positive or negative).

Dwelling Level
Spirited or Solar Buddhic plane which is the source of all light and life.  The
summation of all manifested lives and experiences.  Lords of Sun.

Always selfless and always sacrificing for the common and greater good (aka

Already achieved perfection from the physical plane and spiritually expanded
or evolved consciousness beyond.  Already transcended all physical limitations
and laws and achieved immortality.  Embodies the divine Christ Buddhic Love
Energy, Principle or Consciousness (2nd Divine Aspect), which is absolute
selfless love and wisdom.  Warriors of Light.  Masters of Love and Wisdom.  
Sons of Immortal (God).

To help, guide and protect humanity (all four kingdoms).  To help and guide
humans in the right direction – the true purpose of life – spiritual evolution of

Methods of Approach
They will help as much as possible, as long as it does not infringe humankind
God given free will, so they usually work behind the scenes.  The whole
universe and everything within is bound by the Great Law of Cause and Effect
(Karma). They will give humankind aspiration, inspiration, impulse, ideas,
etc. for unity, cooperation, selfless love, right relationship, sharing, etc.  They
also lead us by example and ideal through self-sacrifice as many heroes
throughout the history of the world.

Always more supportive of the weak and the poor and those in need.  Always
against dictatorships, injustice, etc.  Always supportive for the fight and
struggle for justice, love, peace, freedom, unity, etc.  Always fearless and
sacrificing.  Never initiate attack first, only countering attacks through the
Great Law of Karma.
Brotherhood of Darkness

As the brotherhood of darkness embodies the negative energy or force, so
inevitably and eventually will lead to self destruction.

Most of the dark ones work from the lower mental, the astral or emotional
and the physical level.  Only the cosmic dark ones (highest – Lords of Moon)
are able to and work on the higher mental level.

They are always selfishly striving to enslave mankind and hinder our spiritual
evolution of consciousness through wealth, control, fear, power, false
teachings, religion, education, etc.

The ancient or highest dark ones achieved the lowest of the Divine Trinity
(Atma – Buddhi – Mana).  So they have achieved near perfection on the
mental level (mana), but they lack the most important and powerful aspect of
the Divine Trinity (Buddhi) or the Christ Buddhic Love Energy, Principle or
Consciousness.  In order to reach higher states of evolution, Buddhi is the
key and the bridge.  Without achieving the Buddhi, we cannot complete or
achieve the Divine Trinity.  Since they lack buddhi which is the purest love, so
they are extremely selfish, egotistic, cruel, etc.  Without love (buddhi) and the
higher the mental level, then the more powerful the ego.  Without love
(buddhi), they are the sons of mortal.

Their goal is to divide and conquer humankind through any means such as
wars, religion, politics, education, commercialization, materialism, etc.  Their
ultimate goal is to try their best to hinder the spiritual evolution of humanity
through the destruction of the true nature of humankind (love) which comes
from the inner divine (soul).

The brotherhood of darkness completely ignores the Great Law of Cause and
Effect (Karma), because they try to disrupt harmony (love).  No harmony, no
evolution.  Complete opposite of the White Brotherhood, they will force,
impose, threaten, assassinate, blackmail and even astral possession in order
to benefit themselves and achieve their goals.  Basically, they will do anything
even black magic (witchcraft, voodoo, etc.) and they usually possess negative
people because selfish people are spiritually dead and they can be quite
creativity in order to achieve their goals.  They will even betray or destroy
their own members if it benefits them.  They are always feeding us with
negative and destructive thought forms.  All of our negativity feeds their
power, so the more negativity we have the more powerful they get, such as
war, greed, hatred, anger, etc.  They are most afraid of selfless people and
those on the Divine path, and they will try their best first to tempt them or
destroy them.  The more selfless and spiritual we are the more the more
protection we have.  Spirituality and selflessness is the best and only defense
(weapon) against the dark ones.  The White Brotherhood is working selflessly
for our benefit, but the dark brotherhood is working selfishly for their benefit.

The highest dark ones are from planets where the life force had already been
withdrawn (dead planets – no life forms like the moon) or lowly evolved
consciousness planets.  The black lodge consists of 6 cosmic dark ones, 6
planetary dark ones and 6 earthbound dark ones.  Therefore they are not
human because they do not have physical bodies.  This is the true meaning of
the number 666.  Fear not, because there are 7 more powerful divine being
(Holy Kumaras) on our side.  Since they do not obey the Great Law of Cause
and Effect and infringe on our God given free will, they seems to have more
influence in the physical plane.  However, this is a losing battle for them
because nothing in the universe can escape the Great Law of Cause and
Effect, so in fact they are on an eventual path of self destruction.  Remember
without evil then free will is pointless since there is no choice between good
and evil.  Also evolving out of suffering, chaos and evil makes us our
evolution greater, stronger and more beautiful.  Just like a military training
school, where the tougher the training the better the soldiers will be.

The dark ones are always trying to imitate everything about the White
Brotherhood for their own selfish goal for confusion and divide & conquer,
especially the false new world order – one world government, and they will
eventually try to destroy humanity and planet earth as their final solution.

They are most afraid of love and all truth and especially the very soon coming
Day of Declaration of Lord Maitreya (The Christ).  They are desperately
trying to defame, ridicule, belittle, deny, misguide, etc. in anyway and by any
means and at any price because they cannot prevent or interfere with Lord
Maitreya’s (The Christ) mission so this is their only solution.  They are so
desperate that they recently try to confuse people with false science that there
is no God, no afterlife & no reincarnation.  They are also trying to misguide
us the true selfless intentions of the Space Brothers, because they always
confuse us that all aliens are hostile.

Light (positive) is truth.  Love is truth.  God is light, love and all the truths.  
The dark ones are most afraid of light which reveals the truth.  Now we are in
the transition point between the age of dark and the Age of Light and Love,
so the dark ones are actually losing their power more and more as each
moment passes.  As we quickly and completely move into the Age of Light
and Love, all truths will be revealed and all the false will disappear.  This
transition period applies to us as well, where we can either move ahead with
the light and love or be left behind with the dark.  This is the true meaning of
the “left behind.”  The choice is completely ours to make, and we cannot
blame anyone else for our own wrong choice, not even the dark ones.

The Divine plan and schedule cannot be hindered in anyway by anyone.  First,
we will go through the financial crisis, global crisis (man-made & natural),
finally the Day of Declaration of Lord Maitreya (The Christ).  Usually man-
made crisis or chaos are caused by the dark ones in order, but the natural
disasters are the result of the Great Law of Cause and Effect (Karma).

Fear not and worry not, the dark ones are running our of time and solution