Forces of Darkness
Forces of Darkness

Before the end of Lemuria third root race, the Dark one gradually recruited
members to become Dark brothers.  After Lemuria was destroyed and during
the Atlantis period they become well organized.

Since then the battle between the Light Brotherhood and the Dark
Brotherhood began and most of the Atlantis fourth root race was destroyed by
the Great flood.  The Light Brotherhood withdrew to the Himalayan region.  
From the Himalayan region, the Light Brotherhood are constantly watching,
helping and guiding humanity by sending a series of messengers who brings
the True Teachings to us.

Almost the entire physical world and many humans were control and enslaved
by the force of darkness.  The dark brotherhood uses fear and cruelty.  They
use divide and conquer.  They also distort all history, religion, science,
education, etc. in order to achieve their purpose.  They also degrade divine
value, human value, woman value and culture value through slavery,
prostitution, pornography, promotion of sex, sexual perversions, media,
entertainment industry, alcohol, drugs, gambling, war, false capitalism, false
democracy, false socialism, false communism, etc.  Their worst weapon is
commercialization, where everything and anything is a commodity and can be
traded, even human beings.

They purposely provide false knowledge and create a false global education
system to turn everyone into slaves and for their financial gain.  In school, we
are programmed to become slaves.  Free thinkers are labeled as rejects,
rebels or mental illness.  It is extremely difficult not to fully participate in the
false education system because the dark brotherhood restrict the availability
of God given resources especially food.  We need money to buy the most basic
survival necessity which is food.  By controlling our basic needs we obey just
like a pet.  Only when the animal obeys you feed the animal.  The system of
money makes the whole human race into slaves.  Basically the dark
brotherhood has stolen and controls all the resources God has given us.  In
order to get a little bit of the resources to survive, we need money, and in
order to get money, we need to become their slaves.  Money is just a piece of
paper the dark brotherhood created to have complete control.  Just like the
bible said that we will need the sign of the beast in order to buy or sell, and in
this case the sign of the beast is money.  By creating money, especially out of
thin air, the dark brotherhood forces the whole world to use only one form of
trade, because this allows them more complete control.  If there were many
forms of trade, then it would be more difficult for them to completely control
us.  Money is evil in this case because the dark brotherhood’s intention for it
is an extremely selfish purpose.  Almost all the current systems in the world
are working towards the dark brotherhood’s gain.

By hiding true knowledge from us, the dark brotherhood has taken away our
power from us.  There are many agents who are extremely loyal to the dark
brotherhood.  They work for the dark brotherhood’s agenda, because the
identity advance members of the dark brotherhood are usually not known to
the public.  They are puppet masters of the physical world, but only the
physical world.  In return the agents are given wealth and power.  These
agents are highly intelligent, well-educated, no morals, extremely selfish,
extremely materialistic, no compassion and some of them could even be

The main goal of the dark brotherhood is not financial gain or the hunger for
power.  They real goal is to hinder the spiritual evolution of humankind.  
Basically they want to destroy anything good from God.  They could care less
about how much money they make or how much power they have.  These are
just small potatoes to them.  They have much bigger agendas.

They are extremely skillful in distorting the truth and they have perfected the
art of disinformation through any kind of outlet – the media, education,
religion, government, etc.  They are most afraid of the truth because once we
know the whole truth then it is game over for them.

Now Christ and his 14 Masters (Disciples) are here to guide us because we are
quickly approaching the end of a cycle or the End Times.  The dark
brotherhood is now panicking and they are very desperately holding onto their
waning control because they are eventually going to lose this battle and they
will not be able to control humankind anymore or hinder our spiritual
evolution.  Their own existence is even in danger.  Christ said, “I come back
not for peace but I bring the Sword to destroy all the wicked and restore
righteousness on Earth!”  The dark brotherhood is so desperate that they are
even planning to destroy the whole planet if there are no more options for

Please be extremely alert, aware, vigilant and prepared for the inevitable
coming final decisive Armageddon battle (great Armageddon started in 1931).  
We must be prepared in terms of survival preparedness but most important of
all is to be prepared spiritually because that is the best way to save ourselves.  
Remember God only save those who save themselves.  The tension of the two
opposing forces will quickly accelerate everywhere until it reaches a boiling
point.  The only ones who are going to be saved are the ones who are prepared
spiritually and with a constant connection to Christ and the Spiritual
Hierarchy through our inner unwavering highest striving cooperation to
materialize and realize God’s Divine plan.

Now is the final time for us to choose a side in the ultimate battle.  By being
complacent and not choosing a side is not going to help either.  Only those
who choose God’s will and cooperate for the common good will be saved.

The incoming new energy is extremely powerful and it is like a double edge
sword.  It will protect those who cooperate with God for the common good but
it will also destroy those who choose to be selfish.

The Dark Brotherhood controls every field in the physical world - education,
medical, finance, insurance, banking, media, etc. because they want to hinder
our spiritual evolution of consciousness in every way.

However, we do not need to fear or be intimated by the dark brotherhood,
because we still have free will to choose our own path.  If we use our hearts
instead of our minds, then the dark brotherhood will have less influence over
us.  When we become selfish we are actually becoming their slaves.  The only
way they can control us is when we are selfish.  When our main focus is
spirituality and service, our lives are not control by materials anymore.  We
do not have to run away from society, all we need is to be Detached.  The
more selfless we are the more detach we will be.  Detachment does not mean
not caring about anything anymore.  Detachment means that we can live
without certain things in our lives.  To be more clear, attachment is when we
can't live without money, assets, jewelry, relationships, etc. so we cling on to
these physical world creations.  We cling so much that for example, if a
person is attached to money, that person is not willing to even give some to
people in need.  The dark brotherhood enjoy seeing people like that because
to them that is one more failed soul.

It is very simple to NOT become a slave to the dark brotherhood, society,
material, physical world, etc.  We just need to focus on the true purpose of life
which is the spiritual evolution of our consciousness.  We do not get to keep
anything at all from the physical world, not even our physical body, when we
die so NO THING or nothing is permanent.  They are just tools for us to use
during our time here in the physical world.  We can choose to use it for the
wrong reason or for the right reason.  Choose it for the wrong reason and we
will die as a slave and fail as a soul.  Choose it for the right reason and we are
free and evolve our souls.

Remember we do NOT have to completely neglect the physical world.  The
most important thing has always been FOCUS.  Where we focus our energy
goes there.  Focus on the physical and material world and it will imprison us.  
Focus on spirituality and we will achieve true greatness, absolutely greater
than all the physical world achievements combined.

NEVER FEAR the dark brotherhood.  They want us to fear.  However, BE
VERY VERY VERY AWARE of their distorting, misleading, etc. in every all
fields of the physical world and all over the world.  Use your heart and always
choose selflessness and Divine Light will always shine on you and protect you.  
When we choose to be selfish, we have chosen to reject God and the Divine, so
the Divine actually never turn away from, it is us who chooses to turn away
from the Divine.  Once we turn away from the Divine, then we have welcome
the darkness into our lives.