Short Synopsis And Synthesis
Of Lord's Teaching On ""The Heart"", I.

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Distinguishing Between:
""The Centre Of The Heart""
and ""The Chalice""


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Always Remembering And Giving Thanks To…

Lord Maitreya, appearance in Nairobi, Kenya (1988).

Extraordinarily Compassionate, Caring
And Giving To Us And Mankind: The Best,
Beautiful, Highest, Most Direct and Useful
For Our Immediate Future
""Agni Yoga Teachings"":

Planetary Christ and Chief Agni Yogi,
""Lord Maitreya""

( 1988 photo of Maitreya from Share International )

Galactic Christ, Babaji

Galactic Christ and Avatar,

Cosmic Christ, Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Cosmic Christ and Avatar,
""Sri Sathya Sai Baba""

( Soon Returning As ""Prema Sai"". )

Sirius Great White Brotherhood.

"""The Great White Brotherhood
(Or Blue Lodge) On Sirius—
The Highest Ruler Of Our Solar System"""

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Introduction and Motive

1.  We At Light Maitreya Way, As A Small Group For Totally Selfless Service — Dedicate This Website Wholeheartedly To """Four Great Lords (Or Four Great Vishnus, Or Four Great Embodiments Of 2nd Ray Buddhi / Christ Principle)""":

 """Lord Maitreya""";

 """Lord Babaji""";

 """Lord Sathya Sai Baba""";

 """"Highest MAHA-VISHNU, SIRIUS Great Blue Lodge"""";

On The Extraordinarily Auspicious And Rare Celestial Occasion Of: Gemini Full Moon On 12-12-2019, 12:12 AM (EST) On The Day (Thursday) Of """2nd Ray Love-Wisdom Planet Jupiter""" Powerfully Influencing To Earth, Through Full Moon…

(a)  By Distributing All Of Lord's Teachings, Especially The Best and Highest ""Fiery Heart Teaching, Agni Yoga"";

(b)  In Our Own Creative Different Way, Based On What Lord Maitreya Intended And Wants;

(i)  In Particular, To Make His Teaching: More Attractive, Beautiful, Briefer, Simpler and Synthesized (As Wholeness or Holiness) For Seekers And Students…

(ii)  As Lord Does Not Want For Disciples To:

 Just Copy From Original True Teachings Without Presenting In New Creative Ways.

 Use Old Methods, Causing Boredom To Seekers and Students.

 Monotonously Repeat The Same Things Again And Again…

(iii)  Lord Essentially Wants Disciples (Particularly Enabled Senior Disciples To): Explore And Creatively Use: Better And New Methods Of Presentation – Without Distorting True Teachings And Meanings.

(iv)  Lastly, Lord Wants Able Disciples To: Safeguard, Correct, Clarify, Confirm and Purify: Any and All (Including His) True Teachings.

Here We Revealed All Of Lord’s Wishes — Scattered Throughout The Entire, Available and Accessible: Agni Yoga Teaching.

(c)  So We Honestly And Humbly—Are Taking Full Self-Responsibility To Carry-Out And Fulfill All Above-Mentioned Intentions And Wishes Of Lord—As Our Self-Assigned and Self-Initiated Task;

(i)  We Do Not Claim: It Will Be Perfect Or Flawless.

(ii)  But We Always Do Our Best—Not For Ourselves Only, But For Common Greater Good.

(d)  This New Chapter Is Made, Prepared and Presented From The Hearts Of Light Middle Way and Light Maitreya Way : Small Spiritual Group.

* * *

2.  After Lord Maitreya’s First Book Topics On:

I.  The Call;

II.  Supermundane (The Inner Life);

(a)  Lord Revealed That ""The Heart"";

(i)  Is The Third Most Essentially Important: Topic and Teaching;

(ii)  And Belongs To His First Book…

(b)  LMW: Which Every Serious: Spiritual Seeker & Student Must:

(i)  Study;

(ii)  Absorb;

(iii)  Understand;

(iv)  Remember;

(iv)  Daily Apply For Entire Life;

(c)  …In Order To Achieve Almost All Important Spiritual:

•  Developments;

•  Progress;

•  Success;

•  Predestined & Preordained Goals;

•  Ultimate Perfection (etc..);

3.  As Many Senior Disciples Missed To Realize: How Important ""The Heart"" Topic Is, And That It Actually Belongs To Lord’s Agni Yoga Book One—

(a)  From Agni Yoga Book Two, Illumination (1925):

i)  Reading the suggested books, you will find sparks. Place into one receptacle the fragments of reverence to Maitreya. Thus, over the face of the Earth I Myself have laid the chips of the One Stone. …

( Agni Yoga Book Two: II, VII, 20. )

ii)  I already know how superficially the first book was read by many. Some made of it a dream book and fortune teller. Others took it for a soothing drug. But few are those who took it as an urgent call to world evolution.

In the second book those who understood the summons of the first will find the features of the desired labor.

( Agni Yoga Book Two: III, VI, 6. )

(b)  From Signs Of Yoga, Agni Yoga (1929), 554.:

i)  The time has approached when humanity nears its sixth stage of perfectment [or Sixth Race], and the flame will soon begin to glow above the Chalice. …

(c)  From Agni Yoga, Heart (1932, Second Edition):

i)  You are finishing the first book about the heart, therefore you must be reminded of certain foundations which I suggested more than once. …

( Agni Yoga, Heart, 596. )

ii)  A second book about the heart may also be given, but first let friends and enemies affirm themselves by the book now finished. …

( Agni Yoga, Heart, 600. )

(d)  LMW: We Know This Second Book Most Probably Refers To Illumination – Because Illumination (Or Enlightenment) Is Only In The Heart…

i)  Even Full Illumination In The Higher Heart Centre In The Head – Is Still A Heart Centre;

ii)  As There Are Seven Higher Centres In The Head – Correspondent To The Seven Major Centres In The Spine Of Body.

(e)  The Spiritual Heart Centre:

i)  Is The Universal Organ Of Inexhaustible Selfless Love Energy (also known as Compassion).

ii)  Its Luminous Substance Is Given From Higher Fiery World.

(f)  The Heart Is The Center Of All Living Existence—

i)  From The Lowest, Tiniest Lives — To The Highest, Greatest Divine Beings — Each And All Having This Center (Of The Heart);

ii)  Wherefrom God Provides Each Life: Unique Assigned Tasks To Carry Out.

(g)  Without This Heart Centre:

i)  Nothing Can Live And Exist.

ii)  No Life, No Light, No Sustenance and No Salvation.

(h)  Fiery Heart Is The Hallmark Of """The Age Of Maitreya""".

(i)  The Fiery Heart Will Be ""The Living Temple and Future Community & Culture Of The Entire: New Higher Sixth Race"";

(j)  The True Promised Land (Or New Jerusalem) Will Be Built By All Hearts.

* * *

4.  Due To ""The Original Agni Yoga Teaching On The Heart"" Being Very Difficult And Needs Lengthy Time And Patience To: Study, Understand And Achieve Mastery…

(a)  With Over 600 Paragraphs and Numerous Scattered And Spread Out: Esoteric (Or Hidden) Important Facts About The Heart And Chalice – Plus Thousands More Paragraphs In The Entire Agni Yoga Collection;

(b)  And Because Time Is Now Extremely Limited, Urgent And Short—Only Five More Years Before:—

(i)  The Great Final Completion And Separation Of Our Present (mostly selfish, lower mind focused) Aryan Fifth Race,

(ii)  The Arrival And Beginning Of:

 •  Rebuilding World For New Higher Sixth Race Evolution,

 •  Externalizing Spiritual Hierarchy On New Earth;

5.  So For All The Above-Mentioned Reasons—We Are Making This ""Synthesized Synopsis Of Lord's Teaching On The Heart"" For The Benefit And Sake Of Spiritual Seekers And Students—

(a)  By Putting Together All Available: Scattered & Spread Out Facts;

(i)  Correlating Similar: Categories, Items and Topics,

(ii)  Finding And Correcting: Mistakes and Missing Links,

(iii)  Making Orderly and Sequential;

(b)  To The Best Of Our: Ability, Experience and Knowledge;

(c)  In Order To: Definitely Help Serious Seekers & StudentsBy Making:

(i)  ""Lord’s Teaching Of The Heart"" Easier To:

•  Find Relevant Scattered Teachings In One Place;

•  Study;

•  Absorb;

•  Understand;

•  Remember;

•  Timely & Correctly: Practise In Daily Life.

(ii)  ""This Synopsis On The Heart"" A Useful Handbook, Especially For The Fifth Race: During The Next Critically Important 4–5 Years

•  Who Can Use It;

•  Achieve Salvation;

•  Join and Become New Sixth Race Themselves !

Please Remember That: (refer #5c)—

I.  Without Attainment Of Buddhi / Christ: Consciousness and Energy—One Will Never: Attain Salvation and Become Sixth Race.

II.  Advanced Students Must Thoroughly And Completely: Read The Original Agni Yoga Teachings – Available At The Agni Yoga Society Website – To Continue Evolving With Sixth Race.

(d)  ""And Laying Solid Foundation"" To Make The Original Agni Yoga Teachings More: Accessible And Applicable For All Readers, Seekers And Students – Especially For Entire Sixth Race !

6.  Another Important Selfless Intention Is: First Time In The Spiritual Community – For Our Loving Brothers, Sisters, Seekers and Students:

(a)  We Are Doing Our Best To Clearly Distinguish Between: ""The Spiritual Heart Centre"" and ""The Chalice"".

(b)  Because In The Past Until Now – They Were Loosely And Vaguely Mentioned As Same, But They Are Not The Same.

7.  We Truly Rejoice To Dedicate Our Fiery & Selfless Service To: God, Lord, Spiritual Hierarchy and Humanity – Out Of Loving: Gratitude, Responsibility and Understanding !!!

Please Note That: Part One Here Is More Theoretical; While Part Two Coming Soon – Is More Practical ( Like How To Use The Heart )…

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""The Chalice""

Painting 'Chalice' by Mr. Benjamin Creme.

'Chalice' (1973-74) jointly painted by
Mr. Benjamin Creme and his Master.

Notes: We give full credit to Mr. Benjamin Creme and his Master for their energized joint paintings – as we have included some of them here for spiritual seekers and students.

“The esoteric work. It really began in 1964, ... I have a Master... (we have a) mental, telepathic rapport, ... He is very much to do with my paintings, ... Every painting I do, he has a hand in. ... The Master gives the initial push to do it and will maybe lay out the extent of it ... But I have to paint it, and find the colours, find the relationships and all that. But he's had such a hand in it that it's charged with his energy.”

(Share International, The esoteric art of Benjamin Creme, 2017)

8.  The Centre Of The Chalice:

(a)  Also Known As:

(i)  The Chalice Of The Heart.

(ii)  The Chalice Of Amrita.

(iii)  The Celestial Axis.

(iv)  The Holy Grail.

(v)  Abramram.

(b)  Located Near The Heart:

(i)  Amidst The Knots Of Nerves Not Yet Investigated.

(ii)  Close To The Blood Reservoir.  (Also See: Signs Of Agni Yoga (1929), 156.)

(iii)  Above The Solar Plexus.

(iv)  Forms Triangle Between The: Heart And Solar Plexus Centres.

(c)  Coordinates And Collaborates With The Centre Of The Heart—For Example:

(i)  The Chalice And The Heart—Both Feed The Consciousness,

(ii)  And each compressed energy is deposited in the consciousness, unbreakably connected with the spirit. The spirit, upon becoming separated from the body, preserves a full connection with higher and lower energies.

( Agni Yoga, Fiery World III (1935), 227. )

(iii)  Higher Tension Affects The Chalice First, Before It Affects The Heart.  The Same With Long Distance Events, First Affecting The Chalice.

9.  Although ""The Chalice"" And ""The Heart (Or Spiritual Heart Centre)"" Are Two Different Centres;

It Is Very Hard To Clearly Distinguish: One Role Or Function – As Distinctly Separate From The Other.

10.  The Spiritual Heart Centre Has Hundreds Of Essential Roles And Actions;

11.  While The Chalice:

(a)  Is Mainly For Storing All Spiritual Treasures (such as):

(i)  All Past & Present Life: Accumulations, Experiences and Knowledge—Acquired By One’s Own Actions And Striving.

(ii)  All Beneficial, Important, Relevant, Significant & Useful: Memories and Thoughts.

(iii)  All Beautiful, Benevolent, Best and Useful—Discovered and Undiscovered—Formulas, Properties and Solutions For: Life, Mankind And World's Problems.

***(b)  Enables One To Know And See:

(i)  Past, Present and Future Events.

(ii)  Important Cosmic Dates.

(iii)  The Hidden Cause(s) Behind Worldly Events, etc..

12.  The Above-Mentioned Treasures Are Accessible And Revealed To The Disciple—Only After Disciple Achieves Full Union With Lord (aka Own Higher Self, or Spiritual Soul, or Solar Angel)—

(i)  Then Leads To Attaining Fiery Heart !!!

(ii)  The Most Essentially Important: Basic And Universal Energy – Having Twelve Petals !

Painting 'Solar Angel' by Mr. Benjamin Creme.

'Solar Angel' (1985) painting by
Mr. Benjamin Creme and his Master.

13.  The Chalice Is Literally The Goal (Or Harvest, Or Fruition, Or End); And The Heart Is The Way (Or Sowing, Or Method, Or Means).

(a)  When the consciousness awakens, the Chalice resounds. Therefore, Our path is paved by the heart.

( Agni Yoga, Infinity II (1930), 69. )

(b)  LMW: Bear In Mind…

(i)  Only By Continuous Selfless: Striving, Sharing, Serving and Sacrificing – Only By Way Of The Heart – Then Will Affirm To Achieve Full Chalice (aka Synthesis Or All-Containment).

(ii)  But Using The Way Of The Mind – Never Fills The Chalice.

(c)  A sensitive heart is close to the sensitive ear. A sensitive heart transforms the brain. The lack of heart annihilates all previous accumulations. …

( Agni Yoga, Hierarchy (1932), 431. )

(d)  The one who possesses the full Chalice, We call a voluntary giver. …

( Agni Yoga, Infinity I (1930), 156. )

14.  We [Lord & Spiritual Hierarchy] Affirm That…

(a)  Disciples Walking ""The Way Of The Heart And Chalice"";

(b)  By Selfless: Love, Labor and Sacrifice — Are On The Affirm Truth Path To:

(i)  Achieve Synthesis Of The Chalice.

(ii)  Enter Spiritual Hierarchy and Shambhala.

15.  The Chalice, As The Son—Is Awakened By Kundalini, As The Father, Impeller Of The Ascent.

16.  … If you ask how to act now, I [Lord] will say, Let your heart ascend. Imagine your heart as if it were within a chalice with an ascending flame. Thus, above physiological functions, let us set the upward striving of the heart to Hierarchy.

( Agni Yoga, Heart (1932), 84. )

(a)  LMW: The Chalice Literally and Symbolically Means:

(i)  Selfless Service.

(ii)  Sacrifice.

(iii)  Bearer Of Achievement.

(b)  One Can Approach The Highest Or Infinity – By Bearing A Chalice Filled With All The Best & Goal-Fitting: Thoughts and Deeds.

(c)  Cosmic Heart / Magnet and The Brotherhood / Sisterhood Are Reflected In The Chalice — Due To Their Shared / Similar Tasks — Striving And Sacrificing For: The All Good And Right Harmonious Relationships.

(d)  To whomever the Chalice of the Common Good seems heavy, I shall say that the Teaching is not sugar-coated nuts and it is not silver trinkets.

The Teaching is rich silver ore, destined and treasured. The Teaching is curative resin, revealed and directed.

( Agni Yoga Book Two: Illumination (1925): III, IV, 17. )

(e)  This book is not for soothing but for the exertion of the rising spirit. Strive to the utmost toward labor. Enwrap each task with the best emanation.

( Agni Yoga Book Two: Illumination (1925): III, VI, 21. )

(f)  Benevolence and austerity are one and the same concept. Formerly We sent the olive branch of peace. Formerly the dove was Our symbol; now it is the chalice of achievement.

( Agni Yoga Book Two: Illumination (1925): III, I, 4. )

17.  When Disciple Cannot Link To Lord — He/She Cannot Use The Chalice.

(a)  The consciousness not blended with the Lord cannot strive to the law of accumulation in the Chalice.

Only the power of the Cosmic Magnet can bring the spirit close to the Teacher. Verily, the one who adheres to the Higher Consciousness receives the power of thought.

Only when a spirit accepts all transmissions from Above can he broaden his consciousness, otherwise the power concealed within the Chalice cannot be awakened. …

( Agni Yoga, Hierarchy (1931), 155. )

(b)  … The Chalice is the repository of everything loved and precious. Sometimes, much that has been gathered into the Chalice remains concealed for entire lives, but if the concept of Brotherhood has been impressed upon the Chalice, it will resound in both joy and yearning in all lives. …

( Agni Yoga, Brotherhood (1937), 464. )

18.  The Chalice Of Attainment Initiates Action.

(a)  All Experiences Of The Spirit Are Achieved From Many Past Life Incarnations – But Spirit Still Needs Nourishment (As Selfless Labor) In The Present Life.

( Also See: Signs Of Agni Yoga (1929), 634. )

(b)  The Music Of Spheres Reminds Disciple To Use His/Her Useful Knowledge And Experiences From Past Lives – Stored In Disciple's Chalice.

19.  Without Creative Work – One Cannot Approach The Chalice…

(a)  The Properties and Treasures Of The Chalice Are The Result Of One’s Own Actions – Over Many Lifetimes;

(b)  Only By Action, Can One Have Experience And Realize (Or Recognize) Truth – To Store In Own Chalice Forever;

(c)  Not By: Studying Only, Without Action Or Application.

(d)  … It is not forbidden to copy anything lofty. In all Teachings it is proposed that one test oneself by comparison with the best and most difficult attainments. Placing before oneself a lofty task, it is possible to attain no small results. All dangers will prove to be amusing phantoms.

( Agni Yoga, Brotherhood (1937), 434. )

20.  What Means: The Chalice Is The Past, The Heart Is The Future ( Agni Yoga, Fiery World III (1935), 227. ) ?

(a)  LMW: It Is The Past In Terms Of Being The Repository Of: Higher Knowledge, Experiences And Treasures – Accumulated From The Past And Stored In The Chalice.

(b)  It Does Not Mean That: The Chalice Is No More Useful Or Outworn For The Present And Future.

(c)  The Heart Is The Future Because It Is The Best & Highest: Temple, Teaching, Culture and Community For New Higher Sixth Race.

(d)  The Heart Is Also The Best Means (Method Or Way) To Achieve ""The Highest Attainable Goals""—Like: Initiation Into Spiritual Hierarchy and Shamballa, Eternal Liberation, Immortality, Perfection, Ascension and Infinity.

21.  In The Chalice Also Contains:

(a)  The Depth Of One's Consciousness.

(b)  A Winged Child.

(c)  The Spiritual Soul.

i)  Note That: For Many Incarnations—We Have Only ""One Spiritual Soul"" and ""One Same Chalice"".

ii)  The Chalice is one, for all incarnations. The peculiarities of the brain are a matter of heredity, but the properties of the Chalice are the result of one's own actions.

( Signs Of Agni Yoga (1929), 627. )

(d)  A•U•M.

(e)  Higher Tension.

i)  When The Spiritual Heart Centre Quivers – Inner Consciousness Awakens – In Turn, Chalice Resounds.

ii)  Each Vibration Resounds In The Chalice.

•  Vibration Refers To: Harmonious Higher Tension and Rhythm.

•  Higher Tension Corresponds To: Higher Fire and Creativeness.

•  Harmonious Means: Positive And Constructive.

iii)  By This Way—The All-Containing Chalice:

•  Absorbs All Harmonized Currents Of Higher Subtle Energy.

•  Resounds In Infinity.

(f)  Sacred Pains.

(g)  Straight Knowledge.

i)  The experience accumulated in the center of the Chalice gives invincible knowledge. …

( Signs Of Agni Yoga (1929), 156. )

ii)  All Accumulated Wisdom Deposits In The Chalice – Upon This Higher Knowledge, known as Straight Knowledge – We [Spiritual Hierarchy] Built Our Steps And Molded Our Life.

( Also See: Agni Yoga, Infinity II (1930) 500. )

iii)  We guard with great sacredness the spirit which bears the chalice of the gift of cosmic fires. Thus is the link forged between the spirit and the Cosmic Magnet.

( Agni Yoga, Infinity I (1930), 169. )

(h)  The Chalice Contains The Entire Cosmic Experience—Gathering And Reflecting:

•  All Creative Threads,

•  All Creative Laws (Including The Law Of Unification),

•  All Cosmic Ordainments And Manifestations,

•  All Foundations,

i)  So Each Energy From The Chalice Can Carry Out As A Creator !

( Also See: Agni Yoga, Infinity II (1930), 192. )

ii)  The Creativeness Of The Agni Yogi Is The Beauty [Or Fiery Buddhi Energy] !

22.  The Fire Of The Chalice:

(a)  Represents The Psycho-Dynamics Which Ignites All Energies And Fires.

(b)  All Subtle Energies Are Locked Within The Chalice With Synthesis (Or Full Chalice, Or Containment Of All Different Degrees Of Fires).

(c)  When Achieved To Increase The Rings Of The Third Eye – Proportionate To The Striving Fire Of One's Spirit – That Indicates The Chalice Achieved All Accumulations And Containment Of Fires!

***23.  Requirements To Achieve Full Chalice:

I.  By Learning And Gathering More: Beautiful, Benevolent, Positive, Selfless And Useful: Experiences From Life.

II.  By Consciously And Willingly To Suffer Life's Inevitable And Eventual: Pains, Losses and Hardships.

i)  As Lord Said, Mankind's Evolution Is Achieved By Passing Through Both Sorrow And Joy.

ii)  LMW: So We Cannot Seek Only Joy, And Avoid Suffering.

III.  By Always Selflessly: Striving, Sharing, Serving and Sacrificing For Common Good—

One Will Successfully Fill Own ""Chalice Of Achievement And Immortality"" !!!

IV.  By ‘3 S’ + ‘5 S’ Continue To Progress And Achieve Higher Until Infinity !

i)  ‘3 S’ (Or Solitude, Silence and Stillness — Free From Restless Distracting ‘Monkey Mind’) Is The Method To Enter Own Heart;

ii)  ‘5 S’ Is The Way To Achieve All Important Spiritual Goals (Including Full Chalice);

iii)  By ‘8 S’ Lead To Infinity !

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""The Spiritual Heart Centre""

Painting 'Lotus' by Mr. Benjamin Creme.

This image represents the Spiritual
Heart Centre above even-armed
Cross of Aquarius.

'Lotus' (1973-74) painting by Mr.
Benjamin Creme and his Master.

24.  The Centre Of The Heart—

(a)  Also Known As:

(i)  Anahata Chakra.

(ii)  Spiritual Heart.

(iii)  Heart Of The Subtle Body.

(iv)  International and Universal Organ.

(b)  Located Near The Physical Heart;

(i)  Between The Shoulder Blades.

(ii)  Medically Called Thymus Gland.

(iii)  The centers are not located in the glands. They are near them, and they coordinate the work of the glands. There are a multitude of the finest branchings of the centers, but one need not think that the centers occupy much space.

( Agni Yoga, Letters Of Helena Roerich Vol. 2, 1935-1939 )

(iv)  Felt At The Right Side Of Chest.

(v)  Forms Two Triangles—

(First): Between The Larynx (Throat Centre) and Solar Plexus Centre.

(Second): Between The Chalice and The Solar Plexus Centre.

(c)  Is The Most Important: Foundation And Pillar For Every Living Beings':

•  Survival;

•  Sustenance;

•  Regeneration / Healing;

•  Lasting Existence.

(d)  Without This Heart Centre—All Other Energy Centres In The Body Cannot: Survive, Function Or Use.

25.  The Fiery Heart Centre—

(a)  Is The Focal Point, But Is Least Egocentric.

(i)  How necessary it is to learn to feel one's heart not as one's own, but as the universal one. Only through this sensation can one liberate oneself from egoism, safeguarding the individuality of accumulations. …

( Agni Yoga, Heart (1932), 7. )

(ii)  Indeed, one must free oneself from egoism in order to transmute and affirm the radiant Ego [Higher Self or Solar Angel]. One may carry the transformed Ego to the altar of Light without fear of being burned.

What, then, is subject to scorching if not egoism with all its appendages? Egoism, like a cancerous swelling is engendered by lack of Agni. Let us not forget that egoism attracts and fills itself with carnal lusts and begets evil.

Around the bait of egoism flock the influences of family, clan, and nation. The very sediments of the physical and of the Subtle World seek to wind themselves about egoism; such a bristly ball is unsuitable for the Fiery World.

But the tempered and conscious fiery Ego enters the Fiery World as a welcome guest.

( Agni Yoga, Fiery World I (1933), 606. )

(b)  (The Fiery Heart Centre) Is Aware Of The Phantoms Of The Mind, But It Knows The Truth.

(c)  Is A Most Powerful Reservoir For Assisting Others.

(d)  Contains All Imprints Of ""The Book Of Life"".

(e)  Only It Can Bestow Immortality.

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Center Of Our Spiritual Soul Nature

26.  It Is The Center Of Our ""Inner Living Christ / Buddhic Consciousness"";

aka: ""Sixth Higher Principle"";

aka: ""Spiritual Soul Nature and Qualities"":

(a)  Always Totally Selfless.

(b)  Always Willing To Serve For Common Good—Through Selfless: Striving, Sharing, Service and Sacrifices.

(c)  Only Desires To Carry Out God's Plans.

(d)  Devotion To The Highest.

(e)  Heroic (Or Podvig).

(f)  Fearless.

(g)  Patience.

(h)  Solemnity.

Bear In Mind That, The Spiritual Soul;

I.  Does Not Belong Exclusively To Chalice.

II.  Is Energy and Consciousness.

II.  Can Easily Move Between: Chalice and Heart Centre.

27.  The Fiery Heart Is The Center Of:

(a)  …Balance, Equilibrium, Harmony, Or The Golden Middle Way—Through Co-Measurement In Everything In Life.

(b)  …That Transmutes And Transforms All Energies (Into) The Most Refined, Powerful, Subtle and Synthesized Energy (Also known as: Psychic Energy / Buddhi Energy / The Beauty) !

(i)  But As Lord Mentioned, One Having Hypocrisy – Cannot Approach To Kindle Own Heart – Because It Is Still Cold And Stony.

Indeed, For Selfish Ones and Hypocrites – Their Heart Is Just A Bag Of Blood.

(c)  LMW: This Creative, Evolutionary & Vitally Essential ""Heart Energy"" Is The: Antipode (Opposite) and Antidote (Remedy) To All Deadly Poisons !

(i)  Only When Disciple’s Solar Fire Is Coordinating With Fire Of Space – Enable To Successfully Neutralize Deadly Poisons !!!

(d)  …"""The Highest Spiritual Service And Sacrifice""" — By Initiates Spontaneously Radiating Or Pouring Out ""Buddhi Energy"" — To Everyone In Their Surroundings And Environment…

(Third Initiates): Beginning To Radiate.

(Fourth Initiates): Fully And Spontaneously Radiating.

Art derivative of 'The Flaming Diamond'.

This image represents the Divine Monad
radiating (or outpouring) Buddhi Energy—
the Highest Spiritual Service.

Art derivative of 'The Flaming Diamond' (1974-77).

28.  ""Self-Sacrificing Fourth Initiates""Also known as:

•  Arhats.

•  Agni Yogis.

•  Aflame With All Fires.

•  Bearer Of:

i)  The Fire Of The Lotus.

ii)  Harmonious Highest Fiery Tension.

•  Bodhisattvas.

•  Carriers Of:

i)  Cosmic Fire.

ii)  Fiery Chalice.

iii)  Fiery Sign Of New Higher Sixth Race.

•  Fiery:

i)  Server Of God, Lord and Humanity.

ii)  Co-Creator.

iii)  Destroyer of evil wicked dark ones.

•  Man–God.

•  Representative Of Cosmic Heart, Cosmic Magnet, Mother and Tara.

•  Nirvani ('The State Of Nirvana Is Not Rest, But The Highest Tension Of Energy').

•  Second-Degree Sirius Initiates.

•  True Co-Workers Of Cosmos.

29.  Only Within This Most Important ""Fiery Heart Centre (Or Chakra)""—Can Kindle Disciples':

(i)  Inner Solar Fire;

(ii)  Forty-Nine Other Energy Centres;

(a)  After Disciple Kindled Own Heart Centre;

(b)  In Turn—Can Kindle Others' Hearts (If Their Karma Allows).

30.  Solar Fire—

(a)  Awakens.

(b)  Heals.

(c)  Connects To:

(i)  All Fire Elementals,

(ii)  All Fiery Manifestations On Earth,

(iii)  Subterranean Fires (Like The Pacific Ring Of Fire).

(d)  Is Already Splitting Apart Mankind's:

(Goal-Fitting): Selfless Heart Users.

(failed and unfit): selfish mind users.

(e)  As Fiery Heart: Energy And Thought — Advances Higher Evolution Of Humanity !

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Additional Benefits Of Fiery Heart

31.  The Fiery Heart Is The Center Of:

(a)  Higher Inspirational Thinking;

(b)  Free and Independent Thinking;

(c)  All Higher Senses—Like:

•  Spiritual Clairvoyance (Or Sight).

•  Spiritual Clairaudience (Or Hearing).

•  Spiritual Psychometry (Or Touch).

•  Spiritual Sense Of Smell.

•  Spiritual Taste.

(d)  Higher:

(i)  Discernment.

(ii)  Discrimination.

(iii)  Inspiration.

(iv)  True Knowledge.

(v)  True Infallible Judgment.

(e)  Antidote To Flawed And Fallible Reasoning—Using By Personality's Mind.

(f)  As Protector Or Armor.

(g)  Enable To Instantly Read And Know Others':

(i)  Hiding Deceptive Intentions,

(ii)  Hidden Motives,

(iii)  Evil Wicked Thoughts,

…By All-Knowing Omniscience.

(h)  Reminder Of Impending and Imminent:

(i)  Dangers.

(ii)  Dark Ones.

(iii)  Vampires (etc..).

•   …The heart that has pledged itself to evil will thrust out arrows consciously, unconsciously, and continuously. […] The heart of evil destroys warmth and, like a vampire, sucks out the vital strength.

( Agni Yoga, Heart (1932), 63. )

•   … Because of ignorance various types of vampirism are permitted. Verily, it is horrifying to observe how strength is plundered without its being applied for good. Vampires of all kinds do not plunder strength for good deeds. […]

Neither the brain, nor the solar plexus, nor the Kundalini will give the signal about the plundering of the strength. Only the heart gives incessant signs, and people usually do not want to recognize them.

( Agni Yoga, Heart (1932), 546. )

(i)  Immunity To Diseases.

•   Indeed, the bacilli of cancer exist. They can be detected and killed primarily by the fire of the heart. If the absence of psychic energy contributes to their growth, then the fire of the heart, being the highest expression of consciousness, destroys them.

In fact, everything that is readily consumed by the higher energy can be mitigated also, to a certain extent, by physical fire.

The roots of many plants contain in themselves potent fires of the vegetable kingdom and can be useful where the fires of the heart are as yet inactive.

( Agni Yoga, Fiery World I (1933), 18. )

Important To Beware Of The Following:

I.  The Greatest Enemy To One's Energy Centres Is Irritation – Which Causes Blockages To The Nerve Channels, Blocking Their Nourishment By Vital Energy.

II.  Imperil, which attracts danger, is the poison resulting from irritability. This poison, a quite substantial one, is deposited against the walls of the nerve channels and then spreads through the entire organism.

( Signs of Agni Yoga (1929), 15. )

III.  … It is precisely that poison which causes much trouble to people. Do not forget that meeting with even the grossest ignorance is not worth provoking one drop of imperil. …

( Signs of Agni Yoga (1929), 221. )

IV.  Infection Of The Nerve Substance Becomes The Primary Cause Of Various Diseases – Creating A Gap For Any Intruder To Penetrate, Beginning With Obsession [Or Possession By Lower Entities] And Ending With Cancer.

i)  The Nerve Substance Can Be Protected With Psychic Energy.

ii)  Nerve Substance Decomposes Under The Influence Of Drunkenness And All Kinds Of Vices.

( Also See: Agni Yoga, Hierarchy (1931), 190. )

V.  … Cancer, tuberculosis, diseases of liver and spleen, as well as enlargement of the heart—all these result from an unbalanced state of the psychic centers. Only the application of psychic energy can shield the better people. Otherwise, like sponges they will absorb the excess ills of humanity.

( Agni Yoga, New Era Community (1926), 257. )

VI.  Without exaggeration it can be said that the majority of heart diseases originate because of wealth.

( Agni Yoga, Heart (1932), 25. )

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Fiery Transmutation and Transformation

32.  ""The Fiery Heart Centre"" Is Also Needed—

(a)  To Transmute and Transform All Energies;

(b)  Into Refined: Pure Heart Energy;

(c)  In Turn, Create Refined Subtlest: Rhythms Or Vibrations (aka Harmonious Higher Tension) !!!

33.  Harmonious Higher–Highest: Tension (Or Vibration) Is The ""Most Vital Requirement For"":

(a)  Achieving Higher Sensitivity And Receptivity.

(b)  Approaching, Contacting, Communicating and Communion With:

(i)  Lord and God.

(ii)  Higher Spiritual Beings and Divine Beings.

(iii)  Higher Subtle World, Higher Worlds and Fiery Worlds.

(c)  Receiving Creative, Higher and Powerful Cosmic: Energies.

(d)  Enabling To Coordinate and Cooperate With The Fires Of: Space And Cosmos – ""By Arhat’s Actively Responding Vibration"".

(e)  Enabling To Create And Build: New Higher World (etc..).

34.  Lastly, The ""Fiery Spiritual Heart"" Is Needed To Achieve The Highest On Earth ""Spiritual Attainments"" (As Follows):

I.  """Synthesis Of All Consciousnesses, Energies And Fires"""—also known as:

(i)  Full Unification (Or Trinity) Of Three Arcs Of Consciousnesses.

(ii)  Aum.

II.  Synthesis Of Own Full Chalice.

III.  Becomes Most Powerful """Eternal Burning & Inextinguishable Flame""".

IV.  Only Then—Enable To Having: All-Knowing ""Straight Knowledge (aka Knowledge Of The Spirit)"".

V.  Become A Bearer Of The Most Essential: Harmonious Highest Fiery Tension.

VI.  Become A Highest Agni Yogi – Because Bearing Highest Fiery Tension, Through Tremendous Suffering Of Sacred Pains.

VII.  Become A Representative Of The Cosmic Magnet (Or Cosmic Heart).

VIII.  Become A Fully Sacrificing Fiery Server To God, Lord and Mankind.

35.  Thus Indeed — Do We Need ""The Centre Of The Heart"" For Nearly Every ""Vitally Important And Forever Lasting"":

(a)  Spiritual Attainment;

(b)  Development;

(c)  Progress;

(d)  Ultimate Self-Perfection (and so on…).

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Closing Quotes

36.  Closing Quotes From Agni Yoga:

(a)  Hasten, hasten to understand the Teacher! Let us encircle Him with a protective wall of devotion and thereby enclose ourselves within the stronghold.

After you have wandered enough you will come to understand that with the Teacher, there is always success.

Where defeat occurs, there has been betrayal of the Teacher. Where defeat is, it is we ourselves who have bent and rent and razed the goal-fitting plan. In defeat, we have turned away from the tested arrow of help.

Can we assert that in the hour of danger we will [pronounce] the Name of the Teacher?

Can we bear witness to the Teacher's Name?

Can we discover the exultation of gratitude to the Teacher?

Or, on the other hand, do we sometimes [ask] why the Teaching does not accommodate our habits, and why our inactivity is disturbed by the Teaching? Why we are awakened from our self-justifying sleep?

( Signs of Agni Yoga (1929), 76. )

(b)  It has been said many times that the Great Fire is manifested through our hearts. Therefore, let him who remains in darkness blame only himself. …

( Agni Yoga, Heart (1932), 442. )

(c)  The feeling of Great Service is unlimited; it must fill the heart, which is forever inexhaustible. The sacred tremor should not become the daily gruel. The best Teachings turned into soulless husks when the tremor left them. Thus, in the midst of battle, think of the Chalice of Service and take an oath that the sacred tremor shall not leave you.

( Agni Yoga, Heart (1932), 509. )

(d)  Let no one be disconcerted [disturbed or confused] by My [Lord’s] demand for battle. Those who stand on one spot are a thousand times more exposed to danger than those who strive.

However, the striving must be in the heart and thoughts, and not only in the feet.

( Agni Yoga, Fiery World I (1933), 36. )

(e)  At present you encounter four types of people:

i)  The first is fighting under Our Shield;

The second fights without Our protection, but already is completing the payment of its karmic debts;

The third wanders and gropes, blinded by the dark veil of its fate;

The fourth comprises the enemies of Light.

ii)  The first ones will understand your call.

The second will quiver with expectancy.

The third will indifferently turn their heads away.

And the fourth will answer you, arrow for arrow.

( Agni Yoga Book One: The Call (1924), 424. )

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