"""Eight Priceless Keys To Achieve""":
The Highest Spirituality On Earth, By Assured, Most Direct, Shortest, Simplest & Quickest Way

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Eight Priceless Key Teachings — Contents :

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Eight Hidden Keys : Introduction

1.  First Revealed By """The Lord Of Extraordinary Compassion, Lord Maitreya""", Through His ""Agni Yoga Teachings"".

2.  Lord's Agni Yoga Teaching (transmitted through Helena Roerich, and provided by Agni Yoga Society):

(a)  Is Maitreya's Gift To Humanity.

(b)  The Most Beneficent, Compassionate, Direct, Dependable, Extraordinary, Effective, Factual, Fiery, Inspiring, Magnetic, Practical, Unique, Useful and Wise Teaching.

(c)  Affirmed, Most Direct, Shortest, Simplest and Quickest Way To Fulfill Aspiring Mankind's:

(i)  Destiny on Earth.

(ii)  Diamond Crown.

(iii)  Preordained Goal Of Life, Creation and Evolution.

(d)  Affirmed Powerful Stronghold For Disciples and Mankind.

(e)  Contains And Synthesizes: All The Best Spiritual Teachings From Past, Present & Foreseeable Future: Ages and Evolutions.

(f)  Accumulated And Collected From The Top Of Highly-Evolved Ones (we know as All Previous Buddhas' Spiritual: Achievements, Experiences and Teachings) — And Handed To Lord Maitreya.

(g)  Is Key To Unlocking The Most Important: Hidden For Many Ages and Ancient: Mysteries and Secrets (such as Evolution, Initiation and Spirituality).

(h)  Is True Science For Future Higher Sixth Race.

(i)  Is Even Good For One’s: Physical Health and Spiritual Well-Being (When Applying Teaching Daily).

3.  It was not revealed before, because:

(a)  Not the right time for mankind—especially: spiritual seekers, aspirants, applicants and probationary disciples.

(b)  Only can reveal when enough numbers of mankind achieved:

(i)  Sufficient mental development (manas or mind),

(ii)  Integrated personalities (to be eligible for solar initiation process),

(iii)  Free and independent thinking, etc..

4.  Can Now Reveal At End Times—we also know as Completion Of Present Fifth Race (or Aryan consciousness, or mind-focused Mankind)—Enabling Higher Evolution To Next: Sixth Race Consciousness!

5.  In the past, in order to attain just one higher level of initiation (or point of evolution)—one needed to strive an entire lifetime, or even many lifetimes.

6.  But In This Extraordinary Time—Before Final Great Separation Of Mankind (into two differently evolved groups), and Coming New Golden Age;

Mankind's Eligible, Fit and Highly-Evolved ones:

(a)  By Totally Striving Now To Meet The Spiritual Hierarchy's Requirements—In This One Present Life, Can Achieve Up To Two Higher Levels (or Initiations)!

(b)  Can Continue Evolving With New Higher Sixth Race;

(c)  Until Achieved Mankind's Predestined & Preordained: Three Most Essential Goals For Living On Earth:

(i)  Liberation;

(ii)  Immortality;

(iii)  Ultimately Perfection (!!!)

Notes: (refer #6c)—

At 4th Initiation: Attain Eternal Liberation after millions of years of enslaving and imprisoning on Earth.

At 5th Initiation: Immortality and Perfection on Earth!

7.  But for three-fourths (or 75%) of present mankind—because of:

(a)  failed to evolve,

(b)  left-behind to God's Strictly Appointed and Scheduled Time,

They will become UNFIT to Next Higher: Sixth Race Evolution.

8.  So Only Those Who Achieved:

(a)  Awakened And Continuous Expanding Of Own Inner Consciousness;

(b)  Union With Own Spiritual Soul (also known as (aka) Buddhic or Christ Principle);

Are Fit For Next Higher Sixth Race Evolution!

9.  For The Above-Mentioned: Pure Scientific Reasons, Revelations and Explanations — We Are Sharing From """Lord Maitreya’s Agni Yoga Teachings""":

Eight Of The Most: Desirable, Essential, Important & Precious: """Spiritual Treasures (or Secret Keys)""";

Enable One To Achieve — By Affirmed, Most Direct, Shortest & Quickest Path (or Way):

I.  Mankind’s Predestined & Preordained Goal and Destiny On Earth.

II.  Assured Spiritual Protection (Especially Important During End Times Now).

III.  Eternal Liberation, Immortality and Ultimate Self-Perfection (!!!); and so on…

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Genuine Compassion

10.  Lord Revealed and Explained That, Selfless, Giving, Serving and Self-Sacrificing Love (or ""True Compassion""):

Is The Most Essentially Important Key — In Order To Have All Other Qualities Important In Any Students' Relationship To True Teachers (or Awakened Ones, or Higher Beings).

11.  Only When One Having Proven: Giving Love (or Compassion)—Proven Through Selfless Service And self-Sacrificial (or personality-Forgetting) Labors;

Then All Other Important Qualities Will Follow (After Compassion):

(a)  First Comes Trust.

(b)  Next Obedience (or Subordination, or Surrender).

(c)  Devotion.

(d)  Reverence.

(e)  Respect.

12.  LMW: In Other Words, By Genuine Compassion — Enable To Approach And (Be) Accepted By Lord, As Co-Worker.

13.  When Sincerely, Honestly & Persistently Expressing By: Caring, Conscientious, Considerate, Giving & Serving Love:

(a)  One’s false personality (or lower self, or conditioned-by-worldly nature) will melting and disappearing;

(b)  Own Actual, Original ""Soul Nature and Character""—

(i)  Which Is Always Joyful;

(ii)  Free From earthly attachments;

(iii)  Fearless;

(iv)  Selfless;

(v)  And All Other Goodness;

Will Overwhelmingly Taking Over !

14.  Selfless, Giving & Serving Love (or Compassion):

Is Indeed The Most: Attractive, Beautiful, Beneficent, Cooperative, Desirable, Fiery, Magnetic, Magnificent and Powerful Energy In The Universe.

15.  Lord Revealed and Explained About, The Mystery & Secret Of Sacred True: Caring, Giving & Serving Love—(Most Appropriate To Call As """COMPASSION"""):

(a)  That No Force In The Universe Can Obstruct (or Block) It!

(b)  With It, One Can:

(i)  Successfully Overcome All Worldly: Difficulties, Hardships, Miseries, Obstacles, Sorrows, Struggles and Sufferings!

(ii)  Achieve Everything (For Greater Common Good)!

LMW Notes: (refer #15)—

Compassion Also Means:

I.  God's Intended Right: Director or Indicator (or COMPASS)—

i)  As Bridge (or Doorway) To God;

ii)  Directing Mankind To The Most: Desirable, Precious and Lasting: State of Consciousness, Energy and Principle.

II.  COMPRESSION Of Spiritual Energy (aka Buddhi, or Christ Love Energy; Or Primal- ⁄ Universal- ⁄ Psychic- : Energies) !!!

16.  LMW: But when one wrongly having selfish: lustful, for self-satisfying, only taking, jealous and possessive – false "love":

(a)  Then leads to facing all kinds of worldly: difficulties, miseries, problems, sufferings and tragedies in life !

(b)  So we can say: “we do not need worldly selfish "love". ”

17.  But CANNOT say: “we do not need Compassion (or True Love).”

(a)  As Compassion is: (i) All-Inclusive, All-Caring, All-Connecting and All-Relating; (ii) never taking, never selfish.

(b)  Those who say that, “we do not need Compassion” – are actually betraying, rejecting and negating everything Most Important and True — including God and Lord Christ — especially and particularly Lord Maitreya, the Extraordinary Embodiment Of 2nd Ray (of Loving Understanding, or Compassion), the Most Important Energy in this solar system.

18.  If No Compassion—No Justice (also no cooperating, no sharing, and no sacrificing for Common Good or God).

(i)  If No Justice—No Spirit of Brotherhood (and no Spirit of Sisterhood, Motherhood or Fatherhood).

(ii)  If No Spirit of Brotherhood (or Spirit of Family)—No Spirit of Unity (or Community).

(iii)  If No Unity—never have peace…

• Instead have ceaseless: division, separation and fighting; literally everyone would become selfish.

• Then Darwin's distorted theory of evolution (of survival of the physically fittest) would literally come true: the whole world would be ruled by the cruelest & strongest dictator (or tyrant, or ruler);

• And every and all mankind would become slaves and prisoners forever—because no Savior(s) would come to save them—because no compassion.

• Evolution would also stop and perish.

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Goodwill Sharing

19.  """Sharing""" Is A New PrincipleAffirmed and Advised By Lord Maitreya, through Master DK;

(a)  As Blessing, Grace and Equally Fair Opportunity — Especially For Those Who Find It Difficult To: Meditate or Practise Eastern Ways Of Spirituality.

(b)  Just By Selflessly, Wholeheartedly & Humanely: Giving What One Can Afford (or Having In Excess Amount) To: Have-Not, Neediest and Unfortunate Ones.

(c)  In Other Words—By One’s Sharing Out Of Compassionate: Consideration, Conscience, Humaneness and Understanding—

Giver Will ""Draw Lord's Attention"" (Make Lord 'Turn His Head' To Selflessly Giving & Sharing One) !

Very Important:

♦ Regarding Charity, Donations, Fundraisers, etc..

I.  Regardless of worldly terminology and words (for example: charities, donations, fundraisers, welfare, so on..)—

Any Genuine Selfless Giving: To Those Who Truly Have-Not And Neediest Mankind*Counts As Sharing – Because Expressing From Own Spiritual Soul Nature (or Christ ⁄ Buddhic Principle, aka Compassion).

II.  Consciously, Willingly and Directly (Person-to-Person, Hand-to-Hand): Donating To Neediest Ones – Counts As Sharing.

III.  Donating to churches, temples and other organizations That Are Really, Actually & Directly: Giving, Helping and Sharing To Neediest Ones – Counts As Sharing.

IV.  BUT worldly so-called "giving" done out of selfish motive (whether by individuals or organizations)–for example: looking for kickbacks, tax breaks, exchange of favors for business profits, or so-called 'pay to play'; even the otherworldly desire to 'get into Heaven' **DOES NOT COUNT AS SHARING.

V.  So Always One’s Pure Selfless Motive:

i)  Is Everything;

ii)  Makes Everything One Does—Divine.

* : First Things First Always : Remember That Helping Humans Is More Important Than Helping Animals.

I.  As Lord Emphasized:

i) There are many associations for the protection of animals, but too few for the protection of man. (Agni Yoga, Supermundane, 58.)

ii)  That Mankind, Especially Disciples—Must Ponder, Comply and Apply Always—Three Things (In Orderly Importance):

• Mobility of Spirit.

• Co-Measurement.

• Necessity.

** : As Reminder, Man Cannot: Buy, or Bribe, or Bargain – His Way Into Heaven.

20.  After Achieved To Draw Lord's Attention—By Willingly To Joyfully, Compassionately and Persistently: Share To Neediest Mankind—One Will Proportionately Receive Lord's:

(a)  Blessing;

(b)  Helping Hand;

(c)  Powerful Spiritual Energies;

(d)  Guidance;

(e)  Begin To Awaken One’s Sleeping Inner Consciousness;

(f)  Pass At Least ""First Initiation"" (Become Second Initiate) – Without Yet Having To Practise (Or Living By) Difficult, Complicated, Oriental (or Eastern) Renouncing Spiritual Life !

21.  However, Please Remember That:

(a)  After Attained First Initiation—By Selfless Sharing;

(b)  The Next Higher Initiation (To Pass Second Initiation) Needs Series Of Strict Spiritual RequirementsEspecially:

(i)  Detachment (or Renunciation) of all fleeting earthly;

(ii)  Single-Focused, Constant Striving;

(iii)  Inner Meditation;

(iv)  Most Importantly : Selfless Service For The Greater All Good (Or God);

Or Constant & Daily: Self-Sacrificial Labors (self-Forgetting One’s: false temporary identity, or personality, or pursuing only for material achievements and lower earthly desires);

(c)  Lead To Achieve:

(i)  Resurrection Of Own Spirit;

(ii)  Soul Union (Become Third Initiate);

(iii)  Even Higher Initiations, etc…

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Goal-Fitting Thought

22.  Another Very Important ""Selfless Spiritual Service"" Is: Daily Holding Goal-Fitting Thoughts (For Materializing God's Plans) !

23.  Despite The Great, Just and Highest """Law of Karma""" Is Immutable, Irreplaceable and Non-Negotiable…

But Our Extraordinarily Compassionate, Wise and Well-Experienced """Lord Maitreya""" : Disclosed, Revealed and Unfolded A Most Important Secret About Karma…

(a)  That One Can: Alter, Change, Substantially Lessen (Minimize), Or Even Clear One's (Bad) Karma—

(b)  By One’s Constant Holding Of Goal-Fitting Thoughts To Materialize God's Plans (!!!)

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Cooperation and Co-Working

24.  When One Disciple Having:

(a)  Genuine Compassion;

(b)  Eager To Serve;

(c)  Willingly To Sacrifice Own: personality, pride, time, money and other earthly;

In Other Words, Is Willing To Fully: Cooperate, Collaborate and Work — For Lord's Assigned Tasks;

Then One Does Not Need: Submission (or Surrender) To God and Lord !

25.  But For Beginner — Only If Can Accept To: Subordinate Oneself To True Teaching (or True Teacher)—

(a)  By Listen And Obey;

(b)  Then Comply And Apply;

Then Can:

(i)  Have Own Experience And Confirmation Of Truths;

(ii)  Achieve Soul Union; And Later On, Monadic Union; and so forth…

26.  Disciples After Proved Themselves: Selfless, Trustworthy And Useful—

(i)  Through Constant Practising Subordination (or Obedience, Out of Loving Understanding) To Own True (Spiritual) Teacher;

(ii)  Will Become Qualified and Accepted ""Co-Workers"" — Cooperating, Serving and Working Together — For God's Plans, Through Lord's Missions For The All Good!

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Subordination and Spiritual Authority

27.  Spiritual Authority Is Only Achievable By Disciples Who Successfully and Totally Subordinated To Their True Teacher (Or Spiritual Leader)!

28.  Lead To Having:

(a)  Wholeness Of True Teaching;

(b)  Straight Knowledge;

(c)  And Wisdom;

29.  Then Rightfully Become A Spiritual Authority — Because Now Whatever One: Says, Preaches, Writes and Represents Is True — And Truth Is The Highest Authority…

(a)  Others Will Use Your True Teachings As Measurement.

(b)  When Facing Two Different Teachings Or Controversy—Now Can Correct, Clarify and Confirm—For Complying In Daily Life.

30.  Spiritual Authority Is Not: (i) an external authority (or another personality) controlling and dictating to oneself; (ii) and not for taking advantage of others.

31.  Spiritual Authority Is Always: Pure, Selfless, For Common Good and Truth.

32.  In Shorter Words, By One’s Proven:

(i)  Compassion

(ii)  And Subordination (To True Teacher);

…Disciple Can Achieve Spiritual Authority — Through True Knowledge, Experience, Wholeness Of Truth, Wisdom and Broadly Expanding Consciousness !

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Self-Sacrificial Labor and Spiritual Achievement

33.  Self-Sacrificial Services and Labors To: God, Lord and The All Good—Sequential Steps (From Lowest To Highest):

I.  In The Hall of Knowledge:

(a)  By Thoroughly Studying, And Fully Assimilating & Understanding True Teachings;

(b)  Then By Complete Daily Application Of True Knowledge — From True Teachings (Particularly The Best & Highest: Agni Yoga- or Cosmic Fire- Teaching);

(c)  Achieve Higher Manas (aka Primary Enlightenment and Illumination).

II.  In The Hall of Love & Wisdom:

(a)  By Unwavering Selfless: Giving Love (or Compassion) And Gratitude — To Serve God, Through Lord And Humanity;

(b)  Achieve Soul Union (or Buddhi-, or Christ-, or Sixth Higher- Principle);

(c)  Eventually Achieve: Straight Knowledge And Synthesis — Lead To Attain Perfection On Earth!

III.  At The Third & Final: Self-Sacrificial Step Of Ascending Ladder:

(a)  After Proved Oneself Through Constant Self-Sacrificial Laboring And Co-Working For The All Good (Or God) And Lord;

(b)  And Willingly To Fearlessly Participate In The Fiercest """Final Battle""" Until Victory Achieved (!!!);

(c)  Then Achieve The Most Powerful """Ruby Red Armor""" — Become Indestructible And Invulnerable, Even To Satan’s 'Dagger' (or Thought Blow) !

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Total Renunciation and Spiritual Power

34.  Real Spiritual Power (or Higher Siddhis) Can Only Be Given To: One Who Has Given Up The Desire (Even Motive) To Pursue Spiritual Power (for selfish personal: authority, control, dominance, revenge to others, etc..) !

35.  Only When One Totally Renounced All Selfish Desires (like pursuing power for personal benefit)—Proven By:

(a)  Focusing and Striving Only For The All Good (or God);

(b)  Never Doing Selfish Harmful Deeds To Others;

(c)  Become Totally Selfless And Trustworthy;

Only By This Way — Will God Or Lord Give Real Spiritual Power To Oneself — No Other Way !

36.  Also, Only By Permanent & Forever Renunciation (of all earthly, temporary & perishable)—Can Disciples:

(a)  Have Everything.

(b)  Attain Both Polar Opposites (Spirit and Matter) (!!!)

37.  Thus, Total Renouncing Is Actually """All-Containment"""—

(a)  But To Have All, One Must Renounce All;

(b)  Only Achievable By Consciously And Willingly (With Full Understanding And Strong Determination) TO Totally And Forever: Detach From, Renounce and Relinquish ALL earthly: ones and things.

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Complying & Applying Lord's Agni Yoga Teaching

38.  When Blessed, Fortunate and Wise one:

(a)  Fully Assimilated and Understood Lord's Agni Yoga Teaching;

Most Importantly: (refer #38a)—

I.  Agni Yoga Book One: The Call (1924) (aka Leaves of Morya’s Garden I ).

II.  Agni Yoga Book One: Supermundane (1938).

III.  Agni Yoga Book Two: Illumination (1925) (aka Leaves of Morya’s Garden II ).

(b)  Then Constantly, Continuously and Totally:

(i)  Complying;—

(ii)  Striving;—

(iii)  And Applying;—

Lord's Agni Yoga Teaching With The Above-Mentioned """Eight Now Revealed Secret Keys (Most Essential From Agni Yoga)""";

(c)  Eventually, One Will Affirm To Know, Experience and Achieve:

(I)  The Highest A. U. M.

(II)  Eternal Burning Flame.

(III)  Most Powerful Ruby Red Armor.

In Much Shorter Time Than By Usual Conventional Path (or Way) !!!

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Eight Hidden Keys : Conclusion

39.  We All Having This Extraordinary & Rarest: Evolutionary And Spiritual Opportunity – Now At Completion Of Our Present Fifth (Aryan or Mind-Focused) Race.

Because Of ""Three Simultaneous And Extremely Important—Spiritual Crises"":

(I)  Spiritual Hierarchy,

(II)  Planet Earth,

(III)  Mankind's Spirituality…

40.  Thus, For The First Time In Mankind's Evolutionary & Spiritual History—

Any Serious, Sincere and Constantly Striving One—Can Achieve More Than One Level Of Higher Evolutionary and Spiritual: Attainments, Achievements and Developments — In One (This Present) Lifetime !!!

… By Selfless: Sharing, Services, Sacrifices and Striving To The Future & Highest !!!

For Example: 2nd Initiates Can Pass: Second Initiation, Third Initiation, And Even Fourth Initiation – But Only If They Constantly, Totally, Tirelessly & Selflessly: Striving By Labors, Services and Self-Sacrifices!

41.  Then This Extraordinarily Blessed One, Higher Evolutionary & Spiritual Achiever — Will Only Need One More Incarnation (Come Back In New Physical Body):

(a)  To Pass Fourth Initiation;

(b)  Become A Perfected Ascended Master Of Compassion ⁄ Wisdom.

(c)  Also Become: Forever Liberated, Immortal and Perfected Son Of The Highest God In Heaven (Like Buddha and Christ) !!!

42.  As Lord Said, One Must Implement One’s Strong Will — To Strive, Strive, Strive — [Enable To Achieve Everything Good For All] !

43.  And As Master DK Said, Even An Ordinary Human Can Enable Himself To Achieve The Extra-Ordinary — Become An Extraordinary ""God-Like, Divine Higher Being"" !

(a)  As Within Every Human Is Already Provided All Divine: Energies, Principles and Potential !

(b)  So Every Human Has Equal Potential To Become A ""God-Like, Divine Higher Being"" !

44.  LMW: Indeed, We All Are Truly: Blessed, Fortunate and Owe Inexpressible & Immeasurable Gratitude To:

(I)  Sanat Kumara;

(II)  Lord Buddha;

(III)  Lord Maitreya;

(IV)  All Spiritual Hierarchy Members;

So We Should Dedicate Our: Knowledge, Labors, Money, Time and Present Life — To Serve Lord Maitreya's Mission — Until All God's Plans For Earth Are Fully & Timely Accomplished !!!

Aum, Aum, Aum !!!

Posted: 2019-01-06.
Last Updated: 2019-12-20.