Who is the REAL CHRIST?  Who is Maitreya?

God assigns a World Teacher for each age or whole cycle.  The World Teacher
will guide, aid, teach, etc. the whole humankind to fulfill our predestined goal
for the expansion of our consciousness through unity, cooperation, harmony
and the right focus especially focusing within.  He is the Alpha and the
Omega.  He is humankind's eldest brother.  He is a World Teacher of
Compassion, Wisdom, Selflessness, Sacrifice, etc.  Since he is the first human
to achieve Divinity, especially within a short time, he has set an example for
us to follow, because we too can achieve and are here to follow the same path.

The Buddhist are waiting for the fifth Buddha of Great Compassion, Justice,
Unity, Righteousness and Peace.  The Christian are waiting for the second
coming of Christ.  Islam is waiting for the twelve Imam Mahdi.  The Jews are
waiting for the Messiah.  The Hindus are waiting for the tenth Avatar, Kalki.  
They are all waiting for the exact same World Teacher.

Just like every country have their own language, different parts of the world
have their way of interpreting God and especially the new of the World

Various media outlets have been wrongfully, ignorantly, incorrectly and
selfishly identifying LORD MAITREYA (THE CHRIST) as the antichrist.  The
antichrist is NOT one unique individual but any being, idea, system, thing, etc.
that is the opposite of what God stands for, therefore the word "anti" of
"christ."  Christ or more accurately the Christ energy or principle is absolute

The selfish, ignorant, incorrect and wrongful accusation and defamation of
Maitreya is also lacking common sense because Buddhism has been predicting
his coming with the exact same name, and in Hinduism Maitreya incarnated
once as the Avatar, Krishna and now he comes back as the tenth Avatar.  
Even Islam, which is extremely similar to Christianity, have not mention
Maitreya being the antichrist.

The accusers and defamers are distorting Christianity selfishly and even for
personal gain to go against the Divine.  Their purpose is to hinder the spiritual
evolution of our consciousness as much as possible.  They distort the truth so
we will not know the true purpose of life, and we will always be blind to the
truth.  Worst of all, we will miss the greatest opportunity of world history, the
guidance of the absolutely selfless World Teacher.

The same accusations and defamations were also forced upon Siddhartha
Gautama, Jesus and many other Spiritual Masters.  The strategy of the Forces
of Darkness is to wrongfully and incorrectly label anyone and anything Divine
as evil or bad in order to confuse and misled the people.

Please use your heart not your mind along with your own discernment.  DO
NOT become a slave and believe everything you see or hear, even what you
read here.

Especially those who go against, hinder, reject or betray love, the Common
Good for All, the Spiritual Harmony, and the Divine are the most severe
antichrist because you are actually going against God and the Divine.  When
you are the absolute opposite of the Divine then you have become the most
antichrist, because the Divine is the absolute good.  Therefore anyone can
become the antichrist.

By going against, hinder, reject or betray any Spiritual Divine Master who are
absolutely selflessly sacrificing for us, the common good and the Divine, then
we are also the most severe antichrist.  Throughout the history of the world,
there have been many most severe antichrist, and the dark brotherhood is the
most severe antichrist of all.  Please do not follow the dark brotherhood into
becoming the most severe antichrist.  There are absolutely no excuses for
becoming antichrist or following the dark brotherhood.

I come back NOT for peace but to bring the Sword of Cleavage to destroy
all the wicked and restore all the Righteousness on Earth.

I will fulfill the wills of those who fulfill my will.

I will move three steps towards those move one step towards me.

Those who help part of my work are closer to me.  Those who are just
following me are far away from me.  Those who try to possess are loss

Nothing can be achieved without best efforts.

One who tries selfishly to live only for himself will die.  One who is not
afraid to die or sacrifice for others and for the greater and common good
will live.

We must change or else die.  The new energy and the new world is based
on co-operation for the greater common good, so we must change from
selfish to selfless and co-operate God’s common good plan through
thought, speech and action or else we cannot live in the new world.

We lose our own self uniqueness when we copy others, so be who you are,
what you are and where you are.

Those who possess nothing are now and will be the happiest and most
joyful on Earth.  At the end time of an age, most materials or possessions
will be destroyed and disappear because they are unfit for the new age.

The more we give, the more will be given!  The more we try to possess,
the more we will lose it!

We must always practice Sincere in Spirit, Honesty in Mind and Pure in

We should never be a hypocrite.  Our thoughts, speech and actions
should match.

Commercialization is more destructive than nuclear bomb.

The worst and most sinful act is to hinder or murder our souls or the
souls of others.

The root cause of evil is humankind’s complacency.

Old bottle not fit for New Wine!

We must implement our will in order to achieve.


Be still and alone to know that you are God.

We should always distribute spiritual wealth.

The only solution to save humankind and the planet is through
SHARING.  Sharing is the nature of the soul.  By sharing we awaken our
inner fire or light or consciousness within our heart.  We must share
whole-heartedly no from our minds and not with any expectations.

Selfishness extinguishes our inner fire or light within our hearts and will
eventually lead to the death of our soul.