Lord Maitreya (The Christ) is the embodiment of the second aspect (Love -
Wisdom) of the Divine Trinity.  Lord Maitreya embodies the most important
and powerful Divine Love or Harmony or Unifier - the Christ or Buddhi
Principle, which is the second Major Divine Ray.  This is the most important
Ray in this world cycle in our solar system.  This is also the Ray of the World
Teacher or the Office of the Christ.  It is the source of preservation and
vitalization of all living existence.

Lord Maitreya (The Christ) is the Central Spiritual Sun (Cosmic Magnet or
Cosmic Heart).  It is in Lord Maitreya that all humankind's heart unify -
synthesize and becomes one.

As Christ said, "I am within you and you are within me.  Only through me,
you can enter the kingdom of God."

Each and every person's inner heart contains Lord Maitreya (The Christ)
Love - Wisdom Divine aspect (Christ or Buddhi Energy or Principle or

Lord Maitreya (The Christ) is the Holy Spirit dwelling within each and every
person's inner heart.

Only through the selfless service to common good, the right use of our free
will to choose God's will or the Divine Plan, and the strong will, disciplined,
devotion, obedient, patient, simple & single focus, and constant practice of the
Truth or Christ's True Teachings will we awaken our inner heart.  This is the
only REAL authority in the whole world and the highest religion, science,
truth, knowledge and wisdom.  When we awaken our inner heart we activate
the Divine Fire within and our consciousness will expand and evolve and then
we will be able to achieve the Christ or Buddhi Consciousness.

When anyone willfully, unjustifiably and falsely call Lord Maitreya the
antichrist, or  anyone defame, belittle or accuse him, then it is committing
one of the worst wrongdoing.  This is because it is against the embodiment of
the Christ or Buddhi principle, consciousness or energy, which is the second
aspect of the Divine Trinity.  It is also the Holy Spirit, and it dwells within our
inner heart.  In a way, it is almost the same as going against ourselves.  Each
and every Divine being always forgives.  However, the Great Law of Karma
(cause and effect) is absolutely just and fair, so we are absolutely responsible
for the consequences of all our thoughts, speeches and actions, especially for
one of the worst wrongdoing.  Towards the end of the cycle, the Great Law of
Karma accelerates, and as the saying goes, "all debts must be repaid before
clearing house."  Therefore imagine the consequences of such ignorant

We should NOT be ungrateful, unappreciative, disrespect, betray or go against
our own Divine elders (unconditional love), who are selflessly sacrificing their
best to guide and help us.  In the physical or material world, we can be
imprison for breaking the absolutely unjust human made laws, and that
certainly frightens us.  However, we rarely think about the Great Law of
Karma, and we often do things that human laws allow or we even try to find
loopholes in human laws.  When things don't work out or when things go
wrong, we ask why does it happen to us?  So we foolishly and ignorantly think
that human laws, which are absolutely unjust and full of flaws, are above the
Divine Law, which is absolutely just.  Now for a moment, think about the
consequences of willfully, unjustifiably and falsely defaming, belittling or
accusing Lord Maitreya (The Christ), who selflessly sacrifices for the whole
humanity.  For a moment, think about how serious and severe the
consequences will be for one of the most ignorant and foolish wrongdoing.  
The Great Law of Karma is absolutely just, so imagine the consequences of
going against the Divine.  This is not punishment but Retribution, because
God is Love and love is based on true justice and harmony.

ALWAYS REMEMBER, unlike the forces of darkness, the Forces of Light
NEVER threaten, impose, force or blackmail us and they never infringe on
our God given free will.

It is because of love that we want to remind about the Great Law of Karma,
and we are all absolutely responsible for our own thoughts, speeches and
actions, most seriously and severely when we go against the Divine and the
Holy Spirit.