energy and those who are attached to all things at the lower vibration or lower
energy are most unfortunate and suffering the most.  Lower vibration or
lower energy things are for example the material world - wealth, fame, status,
false relationships (not based on love), etc.  Especially at the most critical
moment of human history - the end of the cycle.  We are all at the crossroads,
the whole of humanity and as individuals.  The right path leads to the
expansion of our consciousness, our spiritual evolution, achieving higher
vibration and energy, and the right and ability to enter and enjoy the New
Earth (Heaven on Earth).  The right path is the path of selflessness,
cooperation, unity, service for the common good, unconditional love for all,

If we take the wrong selfish material path, then we will not be able to evolve
along with the planet and enjoy the New Higher Vibration and Energy Earth.  
This new earth is based on love, justice, peace, abundance, free from
suffering, etc.  Eventually, all the negative things, vibration, energy, thought,
forms, etc will not and cannot exist on the New Earth, because the vibration is
higher now so any and all that is based on lower vibration cannot exist
anymore.  Imagine how beautiful this New Earth will be in every way.  There
will be true beauty not the false beauty we have right now.  Truth is beauty,
without truth there is no beauty.  If we choose the wrong path, we will have to
incarnate at another planet where it is based on lower vibration again, just
like what we have right now, with all the injustice, war, hatred, greed, etc.  
We may even end up at a planet with lower vibration than our current earth.  
As the saying goes, "living is suffering," only in the case of the living in lower
vibration, and life based on lower vibration.  Life based on higher vibration is
"heaven on earth."  This is the true meaning behind "left behind," being left
behind from entering New Earth.

2. In the extremely near future, the Heart (Christ or Buddhi Consciousness
or Energy - Selfless) will prevail over the mind or mental or ego which is
based on selfish.  Mind users without Heart are absolutely unfit for the New
Higher World and will be left behind.

3. "Those who are NOT with me are against me, " first originally stated by
Lord Maitreya (The Christ).  This applies especially to the present end of cycle
time.  Unfortunately, the dark forces have also use this phrase as well, so we
must pick a side or our path.

4. Lord Maitreya (The Christ) is the Holy Spirit or Christ or Buddhi Principle,
Consciousness and Energy dwelling within the Inner Heart of all of us.  Only
those who achieve in awakening their Inner Heart, which awakens the Christ
Consciousness, are entitled to enter the Kingdom of God which exist on a
higher divine consciousness level.  The key to immortality is the Christ

5. Those who directly or indirectly reject, ridicule accuse, defame or against
Lord Maitreya (The Christ) in any way, will eventually lead to self destruction
because of self betrayal, self hatred, self deception, self ignorance, self denial,
self rejection, etc.

6. Be most aware without fear and stay away from many kinds of trappings of
the brotherhood of darkness, which are intended only to lead us into self
destruction by hindering the evolution of our divine consciousness.  They will
try their best to mislead us that these trappings are for our good.  ALWAYS,
ALWAYS, ALWAYS REMEMBER that there is no one to blame but ourselves
for taking the wrong path (hindering our spiritual evolution - selfish), because
we all have free will.  Examples of their trappings are drugs, alcohol, sex,
gambling, violence, etc.  They will also promote ideologies based on falsehood
to cause division, fear, hatred, etc.  They promote consumer products and
entertainment to distract us and occupy our precious time.  Lord Maitreya
(The Christ) said, "Commercialisation is more destructive than nuclear
weapons," this is the true weapon of mass destruction.

7. PARENTS should be most AWARE of the children falling into the trappings
of the brotherhood of darkness.  The true responsibility of parents to their
children is to selflessly and lovingly guide them into the true purpose of life -
the spiritual evolution of divine consciousness, especially now at the end of
the cycle.  Just as God is constantly, lovingly and selflessly guiding humanity.  
As parents, God gave us the beautiful and divine duty of giving our children
all our love and right guidance, otherwise parents will be responsible
accordingly based on the absolutely just divine law of cause and effect

8. Right Focus is the most essential and most vital, because all of our energy
goes to whatever we focus deeply upon and eventually we become one with
what we focus upon and what we focus upon materializes or externalizes and
becomes our reality.

9. Nothing is permanent.  Everything in the universe is constantly
transforming, due to evolution, into higher vibrations.  Most especially
anything that is NOT helpful or hinders the true purpose of life, the spiritual
evolution or expansion of our divine consciousness, will disappear even faster.  
There is no waste in the universe.  Everything has its purpose and once its
purpose has been fulfilled then it cease to exist.  In fact, it doesn't really
cease to exist, because everything is energy and energy is neither destroyed
or created, so all things transforms from a lower state of consciousness into a
higher state of consciousness.

10. The Sun along with other powerful stars and planets are now responding
increasingly to our Earth and humankind's thoughts, speeches, actions and
choices accordingly.  All are working selflessly for the common good.

11. All the functions of life and nature are control by elementals at all levels -
physical, astral (emotional), mental and even spiritual.  The elementals act
and react according to the law of attraction, where like attract like.

12. As the Forces of Light or the White Brotherhood becomes more and more
powerful every passing moment, more and more powerful counteraction
(effect) is sent back to the opposing forces of the brotherhood of darkness.  
The Divine Law of Cause and Effect (Karma), so to ultimately maintain
harmony in the whole universe.  Always the Force of Light will prevail!  For
the end of this cycle, all the unfit, opposition, obstacles and hindrances will be
destroyed by fire!

13. For each visible physical form, there is an invisible astral or etheric
counterpart.  Therefore, we have the shadow malevolent government
(brotherhood of darkness), which is the astral counterpart of the physical
malevolent forces.  We also have the Invisible Benevolent Elders (Great
White Brotherhood), which is the etheric counterpart of the physical
benevolent forces.

14. The Spiritual (higher positive energy) and the material (lower negative
energy) are polar opposites of each other.  More and more material we
achieve then less and less spiritual we achieve.

15. Those who achieve awakening through devotional studying and practicing
of True Spiritual Teachings, all the energies centers in the brain and the heart
attain higher consciousness (Christ Principle).

16.  Always remember it is the soul that has all the wisdom, love, true power
and immortality, not only physical or mortal or personality body.  Our mortal
body must obey, cooperate and unite with the soul in order to achieve
liberation and all that the soul can provide.

17. The present humankind cycle is the most spiritual transformation, growth
or change so far.

18. Now at the end of the cycle, the Sun and other higher cosmic centers are
sending more and more powerful energies to assist the spiritual evolution of
humankind and the planet.  Therefore, we must be able to assimilate and
adjust to their powerful forces.  These powerful forces will restore balance,
and if we cannot assimilate and adjust to them, they can cause massive
destruction.  The only way to assimilate and adjust to these powerful forces is
through the sincere acceptance and choice of the divine path.

19. We can ONLY save humanity and the planet through selflessness,
sharing, cooperation, right relationship, sacrifice and service.

20. All those who are unfit, due to ignorance, complacency, selfishness, etc.,
whether they are individuals, groups, organizations, nations, etc., will be
destroyed and perish by evolution forces.  Finally, ONLY the righteous will be
able to survive and enjoy the New Earth.

21. Please be aware without fear.  Now numerous soulless people are among
humankind on earth.  They are unconscious and lack awareness due to
spiritual death.  They are also easily controlled by the brotherhood of