Concise Truths
Concise Truths

No one is above or exempt from Great Divine Law of Cause and Effect, not
even the masters.  We should not irresponsibly or ignorantly blame the
Divine or God for bad things happening.  Remember everything happens for a
reason and the main reason is for our spiritual growth.  However, there are
Dark Forces that do make many bad things happen.

True knowledge and wisdom provides real power and is the gateway to heaven,
so ignorance is the gateway to hell.

Please remember when we judge or criticize others, we will be fully
responsible for the equal corresponding consequence based on the law of cause
and effect (karma).

Each person’s thoughts and actions are recorded within the Cosmic Recorder,
so we cannot escape the effect of what we caused.  Remember Divine Law is
absolutely just and fair.  We reap what we sow.

We can only live in the new world or new age, which only exist on a higher
dimension or vibration, when we achieve a higher consciousness ourselves by
the evolution of our consciousness.  It begins with the awakening of our
hearts first.  When we awaken our heart, we awaken or activate the Christ
energy within us.  Achievements in wealth, status, intelligence, education, etc.
will NOT give us the right or the ability to live in the new higher world.  
Divine law is absolutely fair, we cannot buy our way into heaven or find a
short cut, so every single person has an equal and fair chance.   Religion
cannot help us either.  An uneducated and illiterate homeless person can
enter the new higher world if that person has a awaken heart.

The less earthly possessions we have the less unnecessary burdens or baggage
we have.  The less things or attachments we have, the more we can focus on
what is truly important in life.  The spiritual evolution of our consciousness
and the cooperation in God's will in the materialization of God's plan.  God's
plan has and always will be the spiritual expansion of our consciousness, the
materialization of heaven on earth and the common good.  As soon as we
choose the right path, we have immediately began the process of clearing our
bad karmas.

Common sense is actually God given discriminative faculty within our heart,
and we must use it to follow the right choice for the common good.  Listen to
your heart not your mind.  Follow your heart not your mind.  Think with your
heart not your mind.

Faith is Inner Knowledge or Intuitive Knowledge.

Happiness is dependent on others or something or some situation.  It is an
earthly emotion based on our minds.  Joy is the nature of our souls and it is
independent from anything.  It is always constant since it is independent of
anything it is never affected by anything.  However, happiness is dependent so
it cannot stay constant so it comes and goes.  Eternal joy can only be achieved
through selflessness, the sacrifice for the common good and the union with
our souls.  Bliss, Ecstasy or Nirvana can only be achieved when our
consciousness is in union with our Inner Living God (Samadhi or God

True wisdom or Intuitive knowledge or Spiritual knowledge is only achievable
from within.

We can only achieve Salvation by practicing Christ’s teachings not by just
knowing them.  There is a big difference between knowing the path of truth
and walking the path of truth.

Anything and everything that does not help with our spiritual evolution of
higher consciousness has no value.  It will eventually become dust.

We must choose to live a simple life without earthly possessions just with
enough necessities, so we can focus on the true meaning of life which is the
evolution of our consciousness and the cooperation with divine plan by positive
thought and visualization of heaven on earth.  Visualize a world filled with
only justice, truth, selflessness, cooperation, etc.

Intention is most important.  For example, money is only evil when it is used
for selfish purpose, but if it is used for selfless purpose it is good.  All things
are tools and whether they are evil or good is relative upon our intentions for
using them.  If we are equipped with true knowledge it is easier to use things
selflessly.  Without true knowledge it is easier to use things selfishly no
matter how hard we try to be selfless.  Knowledge is power and true
knowledge is real power.  Power over thoughts, actions and things.

The whole universe exists in harmony.  The whole universe is in equilibrium,
balance and a sense of proportion.

Everything in the universe is energy and everything in the universe coexist in
beautiful divine harmony, therefore all things and living being must
eventually revert back to exist in harmony with the rest of the universe.  No
exceptions.  The more far away we have stray from harmony the more turmoil
will happen when reverting back to harmony.

According to Divine Law, lower beings must cooperate and work in harmony
with higher beings and all are cooperating and working in harmony to fulfill
Divine Plan.  We must cooperate and work in harmony with higher beings.  
The animal kingdom must cooperate and work in harmony with us, so the
animals provide us with food, transportation, etc. providing us with
sustainability and necessities to achieve our duty of the true meaning of life.  
The plant kingdom is also cooperating and working in harmony with the
animal kingdom to provide the animals and us with food as well.

It is essential that we have trust, obedience, devoting love, cooperation,
unwavering constant striving, courage, sacrifice, tolerance and self-discipline
for common good or divine plan.

The root cause of human’s suffering is ignorantly identifying with our
physical bodies, emotions and minds.

Another cause of suffering is attachment.

True liberation is being completely free from all levels of attachments –
physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual.

The greatest crime is ignorance and complacency because it causes all of
humanity’s miseries and problems.

The heart is the only judge.

The truth or true spiritual knowledge is the only authority not religion nor
our current government or justice systems.

With patience, tolerance and kindness we can change or persuade even the
most stubborn person.  However, we must be extremely careful and aware
that we are not hypocrites.  We must practice what we preach and we must
lead by example.

Through the influence of refined culture, we can avoid the degeneration of

Under the temple of culture, we can practice self-perfection and serve for the
common good.

We must always be good listeners when communicating with others.  Listen
first so we can communicate back in accordance to their level of consciousness
or point of evolution.

Quality is the most important and quality is always more important than

Knowing your enemy is already halfway to victory.  We (ego) are our own
biggest enemy until we defeat our own ego.  Ego is not real because it only
exist in the physical plane.

Know the difference between personality and individuality.

When we understand the true spiritual teachings of Christ or true knowledge,
our consciousness will broaden or expand gradually.  By practicing all the
teachings in our daily lives with unfailing, unwavering, concentrated, simple
and single focus, we will eventually achieve union with God consciousness.

In the previous age, we are spiritually purified or baptized by water.  For the
new age we must be purified or baptized by Divine Fire.