MAITREYA's 8 Priorities and Timeless Truths
MAITREYA's 8 Priorities

Establishment of True Lasting Peace

Inauguration of the system of Sharing

Removal of guilt and fear – the cleansing of humankind’s minds and the
awakening of humankind’s hearts

Education of humankind in the Law of Life and Love

Introduction to the Mysteries

Beautification of all cities

Removal of barriers to travel and interchange of people

Creation of the pool of true knowledge accessible to all
Timeless Truths

The great teachers appeared whenever previous teachings have lost their
original quality and purity or whenever previous teachings have been
purposely distorted.

All the true teachings are from the same one source – the spiritual hierarchy.
Only through assimilation and application of the true teachings in our daily
life, we will achieve the broadening and expansion of our consciousness
without limitation into infinity.

Wise are those who read and understand the true teachings with their heart
NOT their mind.

When the intellect becomes a heart then the heart becomes an intellect.

Self-perfection is only achievable through self-discipline of the purity of our
thought, speech and action, which will lead to the broadening and expansion of
our consciousness.  This must be disciplined with our mind or thought.

There are all kinds of false or pseudo teachings and teachers, and many are
agents of the dark brotherhood.  Spreading false teachings is a truly grievous
crime, and it should be prosecuted according to its influence such as the
number of people misguided, copies sold, etc.

True knowledge is the Armor of humankind.

The lack of true spiritual teachings and the true teachings of life and also the
lack of creative and spiritually uplifting arts (music, paintings, etc.) are
causing the younger generation’s spiritual illness and a purposeless life, which
eventually lead them to a destructive life.  This is a goal of the dark
brotherhood because they know how important are the younger generation.  
More and more there are all kinds of violent and pornographic games
entertainment (TV, movies, video games, etc.) replacing true arts and culture.

The highest, most beneficial and most powerful form of yoga is Agni Yoga.  It
is the practice of the mind and the soul.  No point in advancing our physical
bodies when our consciousness is low.  When we practice the highest the lower
will follow naturally.  For example, people who meditate regularly tend to be
healthier than those who exercise and diet constantly.  Remember the levels
according.  The highest is spiritual, then mental, then emotional and lastly
physical.  Therefore not wise to focus on the lowest level but neglecting the
highest.  Actually it is very stupid.  This is also another intention of the dark
brotherhood by promoting the focus on the physical body through the media
(TV, movies, magazines, etc.)

The highest and noblest prayer is the unwavering and selfless service to the
common good.

God can only bless and have mercy on those who grateful, serve him and have
mercy on him.

Only when we have tried our best effort then God’s help can come.  God can
only help those who help themselves.

God cannot help those who are lazy, complacent, selfish, ignorant, proud,
touchy, etc. and those who have no faith.

God can help those who are devoted, trustful, selfless, and constantly striving
for the common good.

Everything requires reciprocity, conformity and accordance.  Without strong
will and self-discipline, trust, faith and constant maximum effort there will
never be any achievement.

The wrong and selfish use of earthly intelligence, free will, fortune, wealth,
luxury, comfort, power, etc. are regarded as hindrance and failure to our
spiritual evolution of consciousness.

The outer earthly physical world is only the reflection of the inner spiritual
"We move one step to Lord Maitreya (The Christ) and Lord
Maitreya will move 12 steps to us!"