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Life in action is always dual (2 ways - cause and effect or action and reaction)

Prayer is only helpful, effective and true when done on a mental level in
silence and solitude and most importantly with selfless appeal and intention.  
Typical repetition of empty words with the lack of will and the lack of full
understanding of the words and most importantly prayer for selfish intentions
are useless.

Gradual, slow and consistent growth is True Growth.

Before the soul can see, we must attain inner harmony and we must also
practice detachment to all earthly illusions at all levels (physical, emotional,
mental and even spiritual)

The main purpose of yoga is to unite the mind to the heart, so that the heart
will control the mind NOT vice versa.  Too many people misuse yoga and focus
on the physical - to look good or to be healthy.  If the mind and the heart is
not pure the physical body will never be healthy, not matter how much we try
to maintain the physical body.

Each and all human soul began as a single cell (amoeba) and then progress
through evolution through all the lower kingdoms.

Every form is continuously, constantly and simultaneously created and
destroyed by the soul or the higher self in the universal and never-ending
quest for wisdom, true knowledge and love through experience.  This is the
spiritual evolution of consciousness and the goal is to achieve the free flow of
life and lessen the limitation and dependency on form.

Every force in the universe is working towards the refinement of matter of
substance and finally rising above and breaking free from the physical plane
by raising vibration.

When awakened, we are able to awaken through contact those lower in point
of evolution.

Impatience is one of the greatest hindrances.

History repeats itself in spiritual and in material.

Untrue lower and negative criticism is destructive and separative.  Higher
analysis or constructive criticism based on truth will illuminate.  Anything
based on the truth is constructive and forward moving.  On the other hand
anything based on illusions and falsehood is hindrance.

True liberty is surrendering our lower self to our higher self (surrendering to
the Divine).  True liberty is when we achieve harmony by balancing two
opposing forces.  True liberty is when we achieve detachment to all levels
(physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual).  True liberty is always
striving to be selfless and choosing the higher path.

We must always discipline our lower self by ruling our thoughts, words and
actions.  Higher self disciplining the lower self.  An awakened or purified
heart disciplining over the mind and the body.

True soul liberation is only achievable through devotion, love, trust, obedience
to the Divine and the daily practice of Christ's true teachings (Holy Spirit)

We can only enter the kingdom of God through Awakening and achieving the
Christ or Buddhi principle, and then we will achieve soul liberation and will
not have to go through endless rebirth or reincarnation.

True leaders or true teachers are most selfless best man within whom power
is centralized (cosmic heart or cosmic magnet).  Also divine king by divine
right, and also the people choice because chosen by divine choice or karmic

The Karmic Lords are constantly adjusting any unbalanced or disharmony
towards and at the end of the cycle, especially now, to restore the Divine

No physical form can exist without a spiritual base.

The brotherhood of darkness turned this planet into hell.  Fortunately, the
Brotherhood of Light is constantly trying their best to restore the plan of
light, love and creative power in order to create Heaven on Earth.

The brotherhood of darkness always copy the ideas and methods of the
Brotherhood of Light and then distort the truth in order to confuse the people
and also to mislead the people into thinking that the Brotherhood of Light and
the brotherhood of darkness are the same.

The brotherhood of darkness (negative pole) is the exact and complete
opposite of the Brotherhood of Light (positive pole), so they are the exact and
complete opposite of love, light, truth and God.  Fortunately, light, love, truth
and God is absolutely more powerful.

The lords of money, finance and materialism manipulate and steal from the
people and use them as slaves to further their own profits.  Even children are
selfishly and cruelly being used as child labor or even prostitution.

True occultism is the art of living a spiritual life.

Only by restoring the idea of righteousness and sharing in human made laws,
governments, politics, education, economics, etc. then true justice will be
achieved.  Then we will have harmony and peace.

As above so below.  The Great White Brotherhood (Great White Lodge) can
only build on earth after achieving establishment of universal brotherhood
through true unity and league of nations on earth.

The ruling power of life is harmony, without harmony everything else fails.

Only after suffering and pain, we will willingly renounce and detach and then
a Christ life can be achieved.

All manifested living forms (including humans) are the projections or the
expressions of the inner soul.

The bee hive is a good example of a true brotherhood, where each life is
devoted to all and all is devoted to each.

It is only through suffering and pain we will awaken, because only through
suffering and pain the lower self or the ego will lose power.

Wealth and earthly possessions or materials cannot benefits or help the soul
in any way.  It is actually a hindrance to the soul, so the more you have the
more hindrance.  As the saying goes, "it is easier for a camel to go through
the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."  This is
because of a wealthy person's focus is only on material and a wealthy person's
lower self is too stubborn to surrender to the higher self.

True marriage is between the spirit or similar element.  This true form or
higher grade of marriage can be seen in the coming new age.

For every lower form, there is a corresponding higher form ruling over it.

For each physical form there is an astral or etheric counterpart (aka double or

The Resurrection of Jesus is a symbolism to show that only through
renunciation and detachment we will become a true son of god (immortal).  
Jesus wanted to show he even renounced and detached his own life.  The
resurrection also shows us the presence of the Christ or Buddhi principle.

All those who willfully and wrongfully reject, defame, ridicule or go against
Lord Maitreya are actually doing it to themselves by doing to their own inner
Holy Spirit.

True charity is love for all of humanity and the love of the God.  God is the
one life in whom all lives exist.

The best gift a parent can give to a child is love and wisdom and guide the
child to the true purpose of life and the path of light, love and truth.  
Especially at a time like this when we are at the end of the cycle.