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The brotherhood of darkness are also known as the princes of darkness and
lies and deception, because of their constant lying and distorting the truth.  
They are also known as the lords of materialism and the great merchants

Lord Maitreya and the spiritual masters are the Princes of Light, Love, Peace,
Truth, Wisdom and Compassion.

There are only a couple hundred people that controls most of the businesses,
banks, corporations, organizations, institutions, religions, education,
governments, medias, etc. in the whole world.  Therefore imagine the
influence they have over the physical world and the power they have to distort
the truth.  They are extremely afraid of the truth being exposed to the people,
because the truth will help set us free and they will not be able to control us
anymore, and they will start losing their influence over the physical world.  
They are extremely selfish, wealthy, powerful, cruel, greedy, etc.

The physical world, which is almost completely control by the brotherhood of
darkness, is divided into only two groups or classes.  The ruler class and the
slave class.  The rulers are mostly from the brotherhood of darkness, and the
slaves are the ordinary citizens of every country.  Most of the billionaires and
powerful people of the world are usually groomed and handpicked by the
leaders of the brotherhood of darkness.  Fortunately, a few billionaires and
powerful people are part of the White Brotherhood or Forces of Light,
working selflessly for divine plan and humanity.

However, there are a select few within the ruler class that are from the
Brotherhood of Light, and they are part of the New Group of World Servers.  
These New Group of World Servers will never disclose their true identity in
order to protect themselves and any hindrances to the plans of the
Brotherhood of Light or the Divine Plan.  The New Group of World Servers all
have one united purpose which is to do their part for the Divine Plan.  The
group is directed by the Spiritual Masters themselves.

The brotherhood of darkness controls and imprisons majority of the people
mentally and emotionally by programming or feeding us with selfish
materialistic thought forms, especially emphasizing that greed is good and we
must make as much money as possible by any means.  The brotherhood of
darkness achieves this through education, media, etc.  This false
programming hinders our spiritual evolution and it also severs our connection
with the Divine.

In the holy bible, Jesus symbolically kicked out the money changers from the
temple.  The temple symbolizes our heart, mind and body and the symbolism
of kicking out the money changers means we must purify or clear (kick out)
our heart, mind and body to make way for the Divine.

Another method the brotherhood of darkness uses to hinder the evolution of
our consciousness is through addiction.  It could be addiction to drugs, alcohol,
sex, gambling, materialism, any kind of addiction.

Their main agenda and purpose is to hinder as much as possible the Spiritual
Evolution of humanity.  They will do anything in order to prevent us from
awakening our inner heart and activating the Christ or Buddhi principle,
consciousness or energy.  They want humankind to become soulless like a
zombie.  They also intensively promote murder, sexual perversions, etc. in
order to make us spiritually dead.  When a person becomes soulless then you
are spiritually dead even though physically alive.  When the spiritual
evolution of a person is hinder excessively then the person eventually
becomes soulless, because it has reach a point where there is no more
spiritual evolution for the current incarnation, so the soul returns to the
source and wait for the next incarnation for continuing the spiritual
evolution.  However, we are also to be blamed for becoming soulless, because
it is through our own God given free will that we choose to continue on a
destructive or the wrong path.  Of course, no one is perfect and we will make
mistakes, but to continue making mistakes and continuing on a destructive or
the wrong path is our own choice.

ALWAYS REMEMBER, we cannot blame anyone or anything but ourselves
for failing in our own spiritual evolution and continuing on a destructive path
and not learning from our mistakes.  PLEASE use our God given free will