More Truths 3
Human without ego is Divine.  Humility is one of the highest wisdom.  True
humility is selfless service.

Wise and blessed are those who renounce (detach from) impermanent earthly
desires, possessions, fame, status, wealth and un-useful education for true
purpose of life.  Even more wise and blessed renouncing and detaching from
and courageously pursuing the path of truth, light, love and the true purpose
of life.

Unfortunate and suffering and lost are those who stubbornly and ignorantly
chasing after earthly mirages, glamours and illusions.

Wise and blessed are those who seek & achieve self discovery or self
realization or self perfection through simplicity and through the power of
silence, solitude, sacrifice, service and Sharing.

Permanent possession can only be achieved through renunciation or

Resurrection or Immortality can only be achieved through the renunciation of
the lower or false self (ego).

Spiritual paradoxes are only understood by free thinking and the
advancement or expansion of consciousness.

Silence is golden because the wise only speak up (the truth) when necessary.  
Those who talk the most know the least.

Wise and blessed are those who take and view the foreclosure and financial
crisis as an opportunity to renounce and detach from all illusive materialism
(status, possessions, etc.) in order to pursue the path of self realization.

There are no coincidences or accidents, so the foreclosure and financial crisis
is the best opportunity to wake up our inner divinity (true liberation) in order
to enter heaven on earth.

In the Divine plan, there is no such thing as ownership, especially ownership
of materials and the ownership of home.  If you study the whole universe the
idea of ownership does not exist, everything and all things are shared for the
greater good.  The idea of ownership was created by the brotherhood of
darkness in order to hinder our spiritual evolution of consciousness.

Each and all perfected person are consider homeless in society, but at the
same time the whole universe is home because “home is where the heart is”
and the whole universe is within our hearts and we are within the whole
universe.  God is within us and we are within god simultaneously and
spontaneously, and the whole universe and everything within the universe is
within God.

The truth is nothing is permanent in the universe because everything is
always evolving therefore constantly transforming.  The whole universe is
evolving.  If nothing is permanent then we cannot possess anything.

Since Everything came from the Creator (God), so everything shall eventually
return to the Creator.

Since we are all born into the physical world alone, naked and without
possessions, so we shall return alone, naked and without possessions.

We should pursue the true human dream instead of the false American
dream of material possessions and status.  The true human dream is the true
purpose of life, which is the spiritual evolution of consciousness (true
liberation) which enable us to enter and live in heaven on earth.

Unfortunate and suffering and lost are those who stubbornly and ignorantly
pursue false temporary and illusive earthly dreams.  They are actually victims
and slaves of the brotherhood of darkness.

Be a realist and actualist.  Please do not try to deceive and betray ourselves by
wishful thinking.  We all know the true purpose of life but we lie to ourselves
and allow the brotherhood of darkness to convince and persuade us to focus
on materialism or commercialization.  We can only blame ourselves.  God
gave us free will but use it for the wrong path.  Please Please Please stop
deceiving and betraying ourselves, and stop blaming other for our own choice,
we must always take personal responsibility.

As God is selfless love for all then love is the fundamental source of being, so
when we wrong against love or go against love then we wrong against or go
against God.

Life without selfless love is a spiritually dead life – living dead like a zombie.

Society falsely thinks selfishness is self preservation or self protection, but
selfishness is actually self destruction (inner growing poison – like cancer)
because selfishness extinguishes the divine fire within our hearts.  Selfishness
makes us spiritually dead.

Each and all life is duality – cause & effect – action & reaction.

As God sacrifices for and serves humankind, so must humankind sacrifices
for and serves God.  God is love, true beauty, harmony and immortality, and
when we choose not to sacrifice for and serve God then we are the opposite.  
We become like a cancer cell or virus within God’s body and we will
eventually perish.

Those religious establishments accumulated wealth by demanding donations
from blind believers without providing any necessary service to those in need.  
They even fail to provide the true spiritual teachings and the true guide to
salvation.  This is a very serious crime against humanity and God.  Therefore
they bear one of the worst karmic debts.  One of the best things we can do is
to assist a person’s spiritual evolution of consciousness, so naturally one of
the worst things we can do is to hinder a person’s spiritual evolution of

Wise and blessed are those who seek and know the Divine plan along with the
schedule, so we can prepare physically and spiritually and we can assist others
to do the same.

No one, no matter how rich or influential, cannot go against the Divine.  
Therefore it would be wise to cooperate with the Divine Plan.  The Divine is
trying to give us selfless love, joy, harmony, true justice, true peace,
immortality and all the positive things, so it would be most stupid to reject the
Divine path.  The material world only provides the negative.

The promised land or heaven on earth or the new world must be build by us
through right thoughts, actions and speeches by following the Divine path
through free will.

No one and no authority can give us salvation or liberation or help us evolve
our consciousness spiritually.  We have to save ourselves through the right
use of free will and choosing the right path (Divine path).  This is extremely
just and fair, so that no one can buy their way into spirituality.

God gave us free will to use wisely.  Free will is the cause in the law of cause
and effect (Karma).  We are completely responsible for our choices.  The
consequences of our choices are the effects.  Free will is actually a gift from
God.  If we use it wisely by making right (divine or selfless) choices, then we
enjoy beautiful consequences.  As with everything God gave us, if we use it
wisely then it is productive, use it selfishly then it becomes destructive.  For
example, the gift of life, use it wisely then we shall evolve our consciousness
spiritually, use it selfishly then we become spiritually dead.  Intention is
extremely important.  Sincerely good intentions from the heart lead to wise
and right choices.  Always remember remember remember the Great Law of
Cause and Effect (Karma) is absolutely just and fair.  We can only reap what
we sow.  We must face and cannot escape the consequences of our choices
from free will.  It is extremely stupid to blame anyone or even God for the bad
consequences.  The Great Law of Cause and Effect cannot be corrupted or
bribed.  Every effect is absolutely equal to the cause.  No more, no less.  
Please make the right choices for your own sake.  No one or even God has
anything to gain from the consequences of our right (selfless – divine)
choices.  It is truly all for our own benefit.  The brotherhood of darkness
actually benefit from our wrong (selfish) choices.

Our earthly life is exactly like a school where we everything is a test for us to
practice our free will for the selfless, divine and right path.  The test is
whether we can use our free will to continue or focus on the path of spiritual
evolution of consciousness.  If we stray from the path or focus on the lower
material path then we fail the test and cannot graduate to awakening, divinity
and immortality.