Forces of Darkness 2 - Pg 2
Forces of Darkness 2 - Pg 2

Immediate Agents of the dark brotherhood
These are the high ranking agents of the brotherhood of darkness.  The
highest ranking ones are usually hidden from the public and working behind
the scene.  They hold the most influential and powerful positions in politics,
education, entertainment, media, all sciences, medical, religions, businesses,
etc all over the world.  They control and enslave humans through divide and
conquer and they also try to imprison us at three levels - physical, emotional
and lower mental.

Servants of the dark brotherhood
These are the agents or anyone willingly working for the forces of darkness.  
They are usually placed in influential positions in education, politics,
government, economy, media, businesses, military, religion, organizations, etc.

The servants of the dark brotherhood will even infiltrate organizations formed
for the purpose for selflessly serving humanity, and they will corrupt, mislead,
distort or misguide the original good intentions of the organizations.  Their
common methods are, but not limited to, sabotaging, misleading, misguiding,
distorting, corrupting, defaming, murdering, etc.

The immediate agents and servants of the dark brotherhood will do anything
to turn us into slaves.  They will do anything to hinder our spiritual evolution
and our soul liberation.  They will do anything to hinder the Divine Plan.  
Through positions of authority in religion, they will distort the true original
teachings, especially Christ True Teachings.  On top of distorting the truth,
they have even turn religion into a money making business by threatening
believers and followers to donate their money in order to buy their way into
heaven or else ending up in hell.  We can even clear our sins, no matter how
severe, by donating money, real estate, properties, etc.  Not only do they
mislead and misguide us but they are also taking advantage of us.

They are indeed anti christ because they pretend as Christ Representative or
servants of God, but they are actually impostors or the absolute opposite,
therefore they are the “anti” christ.  They are truly wolves disguised as
shepherds to prey on the sheeps – believers, followers and people searching
for salvation, answers, wisdom, true meaning of life, God.

Please wake up now and don’t become a sheep.

The ignorant mass
The majority of the world’s population consists of the working class, the
middle class, the poor, etc.  These are the ignorant mass and even some of the
high and upper high class are within this ignorant mass.  All are slaves of the
ruling class, the selfish elites, etc.  A small percentage of the population owns
the whole world.  These are the brotherhood of darkness.  The whole world is
actually given to all of humanity to share selflessly and to take good care of.  
It cannot be own by anyone because it is for everyone.  However, the
brotherhood of darkness is going against this Divine plan.

The ignorant mass may have the potential to be free thinkers and to
differentiate between the truth and false, but they lack the will, the drive, the
willingness, the initiative to do so.  They also lack true knowledge and
wisdom.  Therefore it is quite easy for the brotherhood of darkness to control
and manipulate the ignorant mass.  The ignorant mass is mislead into self
destruction.  The ignorant mass is always skillfully divided to be conquered.  
Mob psychology is also used to achieve the goals of the brotherhood of

Even though the brotherhood of darkness tries their best to hide or distort the
truth, the truth has always been with us.  God gave us free will so that we can
follow the truth.  We should not willingly accept what the government tells us
or what religion tells us or what the media tells us, etc.  We need to be willing
to get out of our own comfort zone and differentiate the truth and false.  Or
else we will always be slaves and waste our true potential.

One of the most selfish distortion of the immediate agents and servants of the
dark brotherhood is the serious and severe consequence of Climate Change
(Global Warming).  They will belittle, ridicule and even destroy anyone who is
willing to speak the truth regarding the actual consequences of climate
change and the seriousness and dangers of the consequences.  Even the
knowers of the dangers of climate change had revealed and confirmed that
climate change is mainly caused by humankind and partly caused by sun
energy and partly other causes.  We can avoid or prevent at least the part
caused by humankind, and make less damage by reducing carbon dioxide,
preserving nature, and we need to live harmoniously with nature and all that
is part of nature and the whole universe.  We need to live harmoniously with
ourselves and each other.

It make it worse when big business along with some selfish politicians are
doing the exact opposite by directly creating and causing unjust wars based on
fabricated, false and wrong information such as the Iraq war.  They are
destroying innocent people and nature.  This is just one of many cases.

With all of our accumulated wrongful deeds done willingly especially by some
selfish law makers and politicians - humanity is now suffering from the
consequences of the actions of a few.  We are indirectly responsible as well,
because of our own complacency and we have the power to voice our objections
to our politicians since they are voted by us.

There is always hope and chance to stop further destruction and damage to
our climate, nature, environment and to ourselves.  We are all responsible for
speaking up the truth, demanding responsibility and selflessness from our
politicians and law makers, and putting serious pressure on our politicians and
law makers to put serious pressure on big money.  Always remember all
politicians, law makers and the government work for the people and benefit of
the whole.  They do not just work for a few and profit for a few - big money.  
Do not let them divide us with petty differences.  Do not let the drive us into
fighting against each other.  That is exactly what they want so we would be too
busy destroying each other.  We have many more things in common than we
think such as the earth, nature, climate and environment we all share.  The
Divine Plan that we are all a part of, and our spiritual potentials as individual
and as a whole.  We need to move away from all the negative, because it is not
our true (soul) nature to hate, greed, destroy, etc.  It is actually our soul
nature to love, share, forgive, respect, appreciate, etc.  The brotherhood of
darkness are programming all the negative into our minds.  They want us to
hate each other and be selfish because they have so much too gain from our
negative, but we have so much to loose from our negative.  Since they cannot
program into our hearts, so use our hearts to cleanse our minds of the

If we disturb the harmony of nature and the planet, then there will be
consequences.  It is the Divine Law of Cause and Effect.  We reap what we
sow.  The brotherhood of darkness wants to destroy the climate, nature,
environment and even the planet.  They want to destroy us as well.  We must
never be afraid of the truth, because the truth is the best weapon against the
brotherhood of darkness.  That is why the brotherhood of darkness is trying
their best to distort, hide, etc the truth.  The truth will help liberate us and it
will help unite us.  God is truth, love is truth, justice is truth.

True knowledge is the power to stop further serious damage or destruction to
our planet, nature, climate, environment and ourselves.  Seek true knowledge
and don't be mislead by anyone.  Spirituality is about seeking true knowledge
and wisdom because only through true knowledge and wisdom our
consciousness can expand.  There is no time for indifference and
complacency.  We are all at the crossroads individually and humanity as a

We always have free will and free choice, now use it for the good of ourselves,
humanity and the planet.  Do not use it to benefit the brotherhood of
darkness.  Their power actually comes from us by choosing the negative path
or by being complacent and indifferent.

If we choose God's will meaning for the common good, we empower
ourselves.  If we choose to be negative, the wrong path or to be selfish then
we become prisoners and we empower the brotherhood of darkness.  We are
considered dead already because we eventually become soulless.

Lord Maitreya (The Christ) and the other Spiritual Master are selflessly here
to save us, to guide us and to teach us.  Please don't let the brotherhood of
darkness selfishly mislead or misguide you to follow the wrong path.  At the
end, we cannot blame anyone but ourselves, because God gave us free will.