More Truths
More Truths

The more a selfless person achieves extraordinary true greatness, the more
the ignorant, selfish and proud people are jealous, envious and hate.

The more selfless we are and the more sacrifice for the great common good,
the more joyful we will be, because it is the true nature of the soul to be
selfless, sacrificing for the greater good, and joyful.

Like always attract like.

Before you accuse or defame Lord Maitreya (The Christ) or before you believe
the accusations and defamations, please use your heart.  Do not let others tell
you who is who and what is what, especially when it is the most important
thing in the history of the world - true knowledge (spirituality) and the true
world teacher.

Please do not close your heart, mind, eyes and ears.  Please do not use the
word “antichrist” like a robot without even understanding the true meaning.

Every thought, speech and action has an equal corresponding reaction or
counteraction under the great Law of Cause and Effect (Karma).

No one can escape or hide from the counteraction of one’s negative thought,
speech and action.  We are fully responsible for all of our thoughts, speeches
and actions under the great Law of Cause and Effect (Karma), Law of
Retribution and Law of Redemption.  We reap what we sow, no more no less.  
This is true justice and divine law is absolutely fair.

Especially during our present time as we are quickly approaching the end of
the cycle.  The Lords of Karma is quickly accelerating all unresolved,
unsolved or accumulated past and present karmas.  Basically before the end
of the cycle everything will be balanced.  There is no avoiding because all
karmas must be paid back at this time.

Actually, in the universe only karma exists.  It is an endless cycle of cause
and effect.

When we ignorantly or willfully attack Christ principle or Buddhistic
embodiment Maitreya, we will receive or suffer the consequence of the
counter reaction.

Great ones like Lord Maitreya always forgive but divine law is nonnegotiable
and absolutely just.  Each and every one of our thoughts, speeches and actions
are recorded by the cosmic recorder with absolute just and accuracy.

Lord Maitreya is extraordinary Lord of Compassion, Patience, Forgiveness
and all inclusive universal love, so when you attack Lord Maitreya (Holy
Spirit) we must pay back a high price beyond words.  It makes sense that the
higher the goodness we attack the consequence is always greater because our
attack is more severe.  For example, our actions are more severe when we
accuse an innocent person compared to accusing a guilty person.

Lord Maitreya is the ONE Holy Spirit or the ONE Christ Principle or the ONE
Buddhic in each of humankind’s heart.  When we attack Maitreya, we are
actually attacking ourselves or basically it is self-destruction.

Every human has the Christ principle or Buddhic or Holy Spirit in our hearts,
which is also known as the higher self or the spiritual soul.  However, we must
activate it.

Lord Maitreya said, “I am within your heart and you are within my heart!”  
Maitreya is ONE in all and we all are in him in his cosmic heart.  He is the
cosmic magnet.

We must always forgive and we must not judge.  It is our soul’s nature or our
original nature to love and understand (wisdom and love), it is the physical
world or society or the dark brotherhood that fill our minds with negativity
such as hate and judging others.  However, we must remember the law of
karma (cause and effect) is absolutely just, it does not judge and it is because
of love that it is balancing the equation of cause and effect.  There will only be
true justice through love, and love is true justice and vice versa.  All the
spiritual masters love us with all their hearts, so they are always reminding us
of the nonnegotiable law of cause and effect.

“They know not what they do!”  So the spiritual masters are constantly trying
to explain and remind us of the Law of Karma and the consequences of our
actions especially attacking the divine.