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More Truths 2 - Page 2

Since each and every living thing are like a single cell or child within the
Greatest Divine Entity or Being known as God.  So within God, we have the
potential to grow, learn and expand spiritually to become God-like Perfected
Beings.  However, when a person goes against our Divine parent, we are like a
cancer cell within God and will eventually be removed.  Earth is also in the
process of removing each and all of its cancer cells (cancer beings) in order to
restore the original, destined and intended harmony state.

Only through devotion, trust, love, selflessness, obedience to the Divine and
the practice of Christ's true teachings can we protect ourselves from all the
calamities, disasters, upheavals and destructions happening all over the world
and it is only going to get worse.  We will even have protection from the
brotherhood of darkness.  This is a filtering period for those who will
overcome the end cycle and enter heaven on earth and those who will be
removed.  Remember the Divine plan and karma is absolutely just, so we can
only blame ourselves for our own failure.  We cannot even blame the
brotherhood of darkness, because we always have a choice.

New Jerusalem is NOT the earthly violent center of the Middle East we have
right now.  It will be created from each and all of humankind's heart and
through love, truth and harmony.

The sun, stars and the planets, working with Divine Plan, are NOW ready to
respond according to humankind's choice and our karma, so we must be
aware.  Humankind had already failed before so NOW is the most critical final
choice for us.  It is our time for redemption and readjustment back to the
right path.